Prompt 4: Letter to your lover/future lover, for #WeLoveLetterWriting Challenge

#WeLoveLetterWriting,Thank you Saurabh and Simran for hosting this challenge. Dear Love,We have completed many voyages together. Not all times were easy but you taught me how to sail through the rough ones like they were happy times too. You have made me a person who is always fond of you, irrespective of the time and place you came to me.Continue reading “Prompt 4: Letter to your lover/future lover, for #WeLoveLetterWriting Challenge”

Writing Everyday (Possible?)

While many of us think reading books are underrated, I found someone who thinks otherwise. According to that person, you don’t need a book’s help to be able to write. I strongly feel that books are more like the energy drinks that we constantly need to consume to be able to write, to add, express.Continue reading “Writing Everyday (Possible?)”

Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 3 • Anangsha

I have been an admirer of her answers first and then her books. I know Anangsha from Quora and it was great to have read her books, one was of poetry and the other of Cyber Crime thriller. I am thankful that she agreed to do this small catch up for my blog. 😁 1.Continue reading “Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 3 • Anangsha”

Let’s Clutch Up! | Season 2 • Sanskriti | 2️⃣

I have known Sanskriti from Twitter but I already feel like I know her quite well. I always wanted to ask her a few questions to get to know more of her. Glad that she said yes to this! Let’s read on. 1. You are a very creative person. You read and write. How wouldContinue reading “Let’s Clutch Up! | Season 2 • Sanskriti | 2️⃣”

I have been writing stories

Sweek has been a great platform and I have made over 25 submissions so far. It feels great because I am trying to come out of my comfort zone of writing. I am a person who writes more of an abstract and I am trying really hard to put the words out straight, simple andContinue reading “I have been writing stories”

Why is writing a summary difficult?

This morning someone asked me to write a 500 word summary of five books of self help, inspirational, motivational, business related which I have read recently. Damn, I started giving it a serious thought. I am a blogger. A serious one. I try to write daily and I am taken aback to write a summary.Continue reading “Why is writing a summary difficult?”

I didn’t realize

Hola people! I am glad you are still here, reading my post even after me being very inactive on this blog. From a person who made it a point to write a blog post everyday, I have become a person who is too busy to be able to write and believe me I am notContinue reading “I didn’t realize”