A 12 hour day

It is about just a day, but two ways. I’d like to describe my yesterday (mark a Sunday). It was supposed to be a nice mom and daughter’s day out. It was, I wouldn’t dent it. All I have to say is that it had its own struggle to pass.

I made my mom walk in the sun for nearly 2 kms. I’d prefer her walk so I had insisted that we’d walk. But, I booked an auto thinking that it was sunny and an auto ride wouldn’t really cost much.

My mommy darling had other plans. She told me that when a distance is walkable, walk it. I flew with the spirit and cancelled the auto. Walked and Walked, oh, we did. And the destination seemed to be not arriving. We went to dominos first. It was a new branch and just open, there were hardly any to attend, I’d say less staff. We thought of switching the place. We decided on Onesta.

I thought that’d be a cool option because there’s lot more variety and thin crust is a speciality. But, there was still time for their outlet to open for the day. Mom suggested that we’d still go and the travel time would be equal to the time it’d take for Onesta to open.

She was damn right. So cool moms are. Aren’t they?

We went there. Sat comfortably. And I drank water like it was the last glass of water I’d find for the day.

We looked at the menu, both were pretty impressed. We wanted to try it all but you know, appetite, that what really talks. I told mom, “Let’s try three for now and if we still don’t feel full, we’ll have some more.”

We ordered out first three picks. I ordered iced cappuccino for her and Iced orange cooler for myself. Such a relief, thanks to sun.

The orders took a while to come and I was patiently trying to be patient when I was super hungry. I hopped onto the pizzas when they arrived. Obviously, I remembered to give half slices to mom. Phew, thanks god!

We ate well. We wanted to have more but the stomach was full. We saved some space up for the desserts. We tried double chocolate and tiramasu. And then took a ride back home.

A day in all, it was. It was Rama Navami too. We went to temple, got divine blessings and we took a peaceful heart home.


Smiling is super important

Smile is the best jewel to wear. Inexpensive. Precious. Priceless. Everything it is, as is.

What more could you ask for if it is contagious too. Best, ain’t it?

I keep trying my best to smile. To make the smile happen. Both intentionally and unintentionally. Consciously and unconsciously. The spread is automatic. That really doesn’t take much effort.

The topic of a good discussion would be able to smile at your problems. This is because we are naturally happy in happy times and depressed in the times otherwise.

We have heard a lot about how problems are opportunities in disguise. But what about tackling them, welcoming them, accepting them, live with them?

We have live examples. But, how aware are we of the process, the effort that it takes to get there?

No one is a born expert in this. Everyone deals with this or is pushed to. Life is plain salt. Have it as is, you’ll burn. Have it with a mix of veggies and spices, it’s delicious. That’s how it works no matter how badly you’d want it changed.

Some times you’d just want to shut everything off. Stop seeing. Stop listening. Stop feeling. Grow numb. Oblivious. Run away. As though, it would serve as a solution to everything wrong around you. Such a mythical concept it would be if “ignorance is a bl(i/e)ss” wasn’t true.

A growth towards self acknowledgement is a big step in being able to take things as it comes. A rather realistic approach would be is to just go with the flow and not over think. And that’s a no easy thing to do.

Seek experience within. Your journey begins there.

Thank you note for Doctors around me

Hi Docs,

I really appreciate all the hard work you put in, the sleepless nights you have had and all the fun you possibly missed if you weren’t a doctor.

I understand that your days can be a lot more stressful than anyone of us. From having no good sleep to going on rounds, being on duty; round the clock and attentive like a watch dog during night duties.

It’s hard to be doing all this and still be shouted at by the patients and their families if their treatment is taking uncertain time.

To just add to all of it, if you have a family to manage too, it just gets more tougher and harder. To keep the mind in balance without being agitated and losing temper is an art that you seem to have imbibed by virtue of being a doctor. That’s a great thing. I surely need to say that we are ought to be thankful to that quality of yours.

Thanks for being there in times of need.

I can still remember of my past experiences with the doctors. They all have been sweet and kind to me. I guess just a thank you wouldn’t be enough.

About the birthdays.

I have been asked by many, of how does it feel to not have been wished by your friends on your birthday. I have written 3-4 answers on Quora about the same.

I personally don’t really mind and don’t particularly expect to be wished because I know it is hard to register almost everyone’s birthday in your head.

I don’t think we need to dwell in, a lot, to analyze of why we weren’t wished. Although, you’d be tempted to stay angry, annoyed, disappointed be light spirited to neglect those parts and look for more things that actually carry significance. Go by your self introspection. Reflect in your self of how well you have progressed in time.

As of the above picture, it’s evident of the spring. So is for you on your birthday, you are born afresh. You need to look ahead improvising on the past mistakes and get to your better self.

This year, I hardly had few of my friends wishing me. No matter how much I’d try to deny, it did affect me. But, what’s the point of being affected by it? Is being upset worth all of it? Not quite. Not really.

My allies talk about totally a different thing. It is not about who wishes and who doesn’t. It is about what mark you are leaving behind to let the world know that you lived once on earth for a reason and you had a purpose.

I’d truly say that your milestones are your birthdays because they let you discover that part of yours which you weren’t aware of.

Happy Women’s Day

Just about in time, made a card quick, in a jiffy. Ah, well, yesterday was just a reminder to appreciate the existence of women folks.

It is mutual too, I’d say, the womenhood is a big umbrella guarding just as right. Not just a day, but everyday, be proud of what you are. Don’t expect to be acknowledged and responded to always. You know your worth and you don’t need a validation.

I know I am a day late to be posting this. Thanks to the draft that doesn’t get posted by itself unless I have scheduled it or have hit the publish button.

I hyped it asking people for the topics to write about. I got some interesting views to write about it varied from how women handle their money to what have you done to avoid food wastages in marriages. I am sure to do a little research and then venture into writing about it.

I have been writing less, forgive me, life has kept me busy. It has been that way for most of us.

There has been major changes in my schedule and timelines, which am fond of now. I’ll have to try a little tweaking and squeezing.

I’ll come again soon. Ciao.

A companion all along

I was out for shopping, eh, not really. Probably, just to buy a couple of much needed things and I see this cutie lost in thoughts. I understand that the eyes aren’t visible but trust me, they are amazing.

I could see the yawns, few bites in the air and sleepy nods. Quite interesting to note, my day just got better.

Every phase of life, a little dimension of our very own, some times things around us affect us and it’s evident passively.

Miscommunicated diligence

TBH, this is the first of my posts that I start with an acronym. A slang rather. About the honest opinion.

The thing about us, the way we think, the way we do things are way different than how we are actually perceived. I was reading this beautiful book, “What to do when no one understands you…” few days ago.
Although it didn’t give me a perfect solution, it sure did highlight the areas where things could go wrong and badly interpreted.

Happyness, (i), the pursuit. The state of mind, the clarity. These are some things that we choose to stand by. External factors are sure to play a role but the ultimate modulus is of your own perception, faith, belief, trust and most importantly mind set of looking beyond of what it is.

Miscommunication is strange. We often think that we communicated our thoughts well. But, we fail to realise that most of the times it isn’t so. It always isn’t rightly understood.

Of all the fine works done, I guess some look to it towards precision, accuracy and probably the resonance too. Piqued set, a virtue of effective communication, be the right choice of words put right and straight.

Silence is a golden lamp and unless you rub it with the right words, you aren’t getting the genie to do what you want it to – communicate right.

Bright days bring bright beginnings

Made Chinese Lanterns with the Kids during a cares event – Arts and Crafts. [For representation.]

A day gets a good start when you have made up your mind to think all positive, and nothing but positive. What acts like an icing to it is having a nobel purpose attached to it.

Having said that, have we really thought about how lucky we are to have things that we have? Are we being really grateful? Have we ever reconsidered the fact that there are many out there in strange corners of earth who are deprived of basic amenities which they totally deserve to have, as a human to survive.

The thing about humans, us, that we are never satisfied, never contented with what we have, we always want more. Just more. We don’t really think about giving some of what we have to the others who don’t. It’s time that we start giving it a serious thought.

Instead of having great birthday bashes or new year parties, we could rather save up to make donations and make other people’s lives better. Many of us have many ideas, we all have our own plans of spending the resources we have. What’s in here for us to think is why use excess when you already have sufficient.

I’d like to quote some really striking points to ponder. Read them here: Borrowing Earth from Future.

Just like companies take up corporate social responsibility (CSR), I think we should too do something similar. A part that we could from our sides, to build up for a better world. If all of us start this together, adopting a family, sponsoring education for orphans, helping us grow better as a community, as a society, I think we can drive in some good change. To grow in significance I think we need to join hands and do how much ever possible.

I have been doing a part that I could so far but now I pledge that with each passing year I’d do more than what I did the previous year.

What about you?

Long live humanity. Long live the happiness and world peace.

If you are convinced by what’s written above, try convincing your friends to do the same. Thank you.

Thanks to all who prompted me to start this too. Let the chain grow, bigger and bigger.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This day is going to be full of love and precious. Some are in love, some are heartbroken, some are just too out of all this, packing up their shit to stay alive.

Well, well. This morning I stumbled upon a lovely sonnet. I couldn’t help but relate more to it. It was just apt.

Source and Credits mentioned in the image.
Love, it is super abstract, it’s platonic, it is convergent towards oneness and divergent with the spread.

There is no proper way in which it can be defined. And no certain definition can rightly justify what it is. That itself is a brilliantly made abstraction.

Love wraps you in, everyone knows what it is. Sometimes it is just like a one way communication or maybe if things get in place, it’s a parallel birectional communication. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Like pieces of jigsaw puzzle have a perfect fit, the communication could grow deeply synchronous too. Aah. Telepathy they say, ain’t it?

It’s pretty amazing when you are in love, everything seems all colourful, cheerful, happy and merry. At the same time, when we fall out of it, we are hit bad. We fail to see even nice things around us.

Love runs this world. The purpose of life, too strong a phrase, is all about how you go about living it to the fullest. Doing things that you love, being with the people you love, reinstalling love like it is meant for forever…that’s more like a good to-do list. Am sure you’ll agree with me on this.

♥ Happy Valentine’s day ♥

Yours as ever,

Just a blogger.

Battling with insecurities

Looking back in time I have seen a hell lot of changes happening. People advise me that time moves on and so should I. Okay…but I can’t. I can’t stop my head thinking about the past, how it has been, how it had been, how it could have been. For now all I have is my present and I am trying to make best of it because I totally want to.

I don’t want to lose out on what I have too just by thinking of what I could have had. Well, there are no regrets there. I am happy, very well. But, it is all about the circulant memories of the good times, as though they didn’t last enough. Small misunderstandings, big fights, unnecessary melodrama take much of our mental pie. Why lose it all when you have happy moments calling out for you.

I have lost friends to time. I have kept my self isolated too. There is no one to blame. But, it is the hitting memories that take you back and you are just so helpless. But, never mind, there is lot more the present is offering you, a chance to make life to however you want it to be. I guess that’s the only important thing there.

About the insecurities, I guess the reciprocity is questionable. What you feel for someone needn’t be same as what they feel about you. Your best friend needn’t regard you to be best friend too!

There never is a 1:1 ratio of feelings. Sometimes when you feel you haven’t done enough, the other side shows you that you needn’t do anything at all. You just become offbeat with time. I don’t know how that thing works but it is saddening that the bond somehow fades, maybe for the new bonds to form.

It is scary that every time you get close to someone you have a chance of losing on them sometime. Isn’t it?

It isn’t surprising at all to say, “Things you think you couldn’t do without, you eventually figure out a way to do without them.” Is time replacing that void? Or are we happily living with the void being just as is.

I totally envy people getting more closer than I to my close ones. That’s a wrong thing to expect that I be regarded equally important as I treat them.

It is hard to convince myself to get there but that’s how it is. The more expectations you have the more you tend to get disappointed. I guess these disappointments help you grow as to how much value you can afford giving to a person and if they are really worthy of that.

I guess I’ll sign off for today with a common note, “this too shall pass.*”

*Conditions Apply

Why is writing a summary difficult?

This morning someone asked me to write a 500 word summary of five books of self help, inspirational, motivational, business related which I have read recently. Damn, I started giving it a serious thought.

I am a blogger. A serious one. I try to write daily and I am taken aback to write a summary. Why is that?

If you go around my blog posts, all of them, are hardly 200-300 words, with fillers of course, but writing summaries isn’t that. It essentially takes you back to the book, revise in your head everything that you read in it and try to consolidate the essence. That’s a trick. And it isn’t even like writing reviews where you can somehow manage to sneak in with your opinions.

I am not sure if I’ll do the justice to the book if I start writing summaries. If I were to, wouldn’t an abstract of it would do the job too. There are audio books which summarizes the whole for you. But, I like the process of reading. Every thought that you make of reading every page in the book is important.

The thing about summary is, your mental effort is reduced. You just have to focus in the end result and not think through the process. When you are given a situation to solve, you think through various possibilities that you have. But, what if a situation is given to you along with a solution, would you still think as much?

No. Right?

That’s exactly what I am getting into. Like every other motivation speaker suggests, your problems are your solutions, they are the awakening to your hidden areas of the brain which would have been resting otherwise.

I can still go by writing summaries. The points useful to me needn’t be necessarily useful to someone else. That holds true if we are in a different situation. For a generic enhanced mechanism, I am sure most will be benefitted without the highlights of the pain points that aided to find a simple solution.

So, what do you think? What would you prefer, reading the entire book or do just with the summaries?

Writing Opportunity!

I am posting on my friend’s behalf for an opportunity you might be looking for, to contribute to a non-fiction book into the making. Here is what he is looking for:

Image result for writing opportunities in india

I am headed on my journey to write a Non-Fiction. I am in lookout for someone who could help me in this process.


What is the book about?

Can’t give too many specifics for the time being, when this comes out, it will be stocked in either the self-improvement or business & management category at bookstores across the world (not just India). In fact, the first month together will be spent on short listing the themes, ideas etc.

What I need from you? What “skills” am I looking for? 

  • Understanding of business, marketing, journalism, business reporting.
  • Understanding of behavioral sciences, decision making and mental models.
  • Ability to conduct online research, do background research on people, and connect the dots and form a relation.
  • Inquisitiveness and innate curiosity about the world around us.
    • What makes people do things they do? Why do companies fail? What makes an underdog beat a Goliath against all odds?
  • Handle large quantity of data.
    • This “data” would be things like interviews (that we conduct), research (to back up these interviews), original text (that we write), media (that we will have to consume to work on the book), scratch notes, snippets, thoughts and other things.
  • Great command over English language.
    • Essentially a grammar nazi, you know how to fix a badly written piece of text and you can spot a badly written piece of text from a mile. This is probably the most important bit as my command over language is questionable.
  • Definitely someone with good sense of humor. Please. There are just too many serious people around and we can do with some easy going people.
  • You should have read a few business, non-fiction and self-improvement books
  • Most importantly, you REALLY want to work on a non-fiction in the self-improvement genre.

You must… 

  • Be willing to work 2-3 hours EACH day. No Sundays or weekends. I don’t believe in that thing called the work-life balance. My work is my life. I live to work. I work to be able to make lives of people better, if not make a dent in the universe.
  • Live in Mumbai. You will work from your home / college / office etc. And you will have to meet me once a week for 2-3 hours.
  • Have access to a computer and Internet.
  • Know Google suite really well (drive, docs, keep, calendar etc.).

The most important of the all. What’s in it for you? 

  • I can pay up to Rs. 5K per month. For the duration that we work together. I estimate this to be a 6-month long engagement. If 5k a month is too less for you, I promise that I will give you all the royalty I make for the first 5 years. No conditions. Serious about this.
  • Credits in the book. As an assistant for sure. And in case you and I click, may be as a co-author. How cool will it be to have written and published a book in your name?
  • The book will help people become better (yes, you are staring at a man who wants to be yet another self-improvement and personal productivity guru). And while the ambition is to write a book that helps people, the very process of writing the book will help you as well. Plus I am a great mentor. I am. Trust me!

In short, I am looking at a Superman / Superwoman. To push me to do well. And make the world a better place. I know I can’t do this alone. And I need help. Are you the one?

Saurabh has been a great support to me and has always encouraged me to thrive to be a better writer. Please let me know if you’d be interested to work with him, I can tell how you can contact him. He is fun loving and a great person to work with. By the way, if you haven’t read his book yet, check it out here: The Nidhi Kapoor Story. 

Head out to his blog The War Of Words. And you’ll know how well maintained it is. and he sure carries the heart of a writer.

About the valentine week

Alrighty, so, the valentine week began 2 days ago. And I am sure there’s been the wind rich with love. And the air just got denser and it probably stays heavy for the rest of the month.

I must be the most unromantic person for the reason being I have no idea about what romance is. Well, it could be true because my definition of romance is completely different. That’s seems like a right way to put it, atleast as an explaination to why I am a little indifferent.

I have been humming, “Te amo”. I haven’t done that when I first heard it. That’s quite interesting to me that I happen hum it, all of a sudden. Timing is too coincidentally apt, isn’t it?

Bluntly said, love isn’t just about the week. It’s about everything and every moment in sync. Some would say celebrate the feeling of love for the whole year and don’t just restrict to just this week. That’s a great thought. But, looking back, how many of us actually acknowledge that feeling. Are we doing what ideally should be?

Not really. Days like these are reminders. They try to make us feel extra special about them. For the singles out there, this might be irrelevant but no. It is actually very relevant. It is for them to acknowledge self worth. A little more love for self is much deserve although most of us overlook it. Narcissists are excluded. No, am kidding.

I guess days like these don’t really have significance unless they make us trust love more. Imparting love in everyday of yours is the best way to be thankful for the love we receive.

So, am headed up to get me and my guy some chocolates! What about you? Happy chocolate day!♥

Courtesy: WhatsApp statuses, Happy chocolate day!

Followed the lad for the puppy

The entire aim of this post gets covered in the title. This post is all for me following a person to just get an extra glimpse of the puppy.

The pup picture, just for illustration, assume the pup to be fully white

Okay, so, I might have creeped the young boy out but trust me that puppy was worth it. It was a cute little furry white puppy.

I didn’t notice the puppy at first. I was in my own hurry to catch the bus. And I see this guy walking ahead of me and something in white peeping out from his hands.

My reaction inside, “Ommgggggg…this puppy is super cute. Oh my! Oh my! Why didn’t I spot you earlier!”

I calmed myself. Walked slowly behind the boy with my head a little titled to be able to see the puppppppy! That was one weird thing I did and I am glad that I did.

After walking a while, the boy let the puppy down. I was scared that he’ll get dirty with him playing around in the mud but watching him sniffing around and him investigating on the fallen leaves just made me gaze at him as long as I could.

But then, you know, I had to catch the bus and I ditched “watching the puppy” idea.

Pattern broke

With a sigh of relief, the 7th hour of the day pattern broke. Am assuming because I am just 15 minutes away from hitting the eight. I’ll hit the publish button exactly at 8am, my time unless the clock has changed for me.

It is surprising that I lost to fear manipulating me and my apprehensions. Mind plays both the devil and the angel. All it needs is a trace to get us back thinking.

Mind is a great analyst. When you show it something unconnected it tries to match with something you have unconsciously registered in your mind in the past. That’s exactly what happened to me. Even now, as I write carefree of nothing happened to me in this seventh hour. My mind went back to find a connection. And I indeed found a connection, the chain, tied to the cab I took. I take this cab everyday. Never have I seen it earlier, consciously. Now, being able to see it makes my mind to connect it to the horror movie that I saw.

This is completing interesting of how you begin to see things around you when you have been influenced to think in a different way although there hasn’t been anything that existed differently earlier. It was just as is but you see it different. As though, it came to existence to be able to scare it.

Actually, it is, that’s exactly how it is. Everything is your head.

I changed my wallpaper too. It would be discomforting enough if I told you that I chose a dark mountain picture and white flowers wilting. And I didn’t find the pattern when I changed it but now as I type this post, I can relate to the scenes in the movie.

Fear is only until you feed in it.

When horror gets you

I have been a huge fan of horror and I haven’t really ventured into watching it alone, in the nights.

I usually watch it in afternoons or early evenings. But, today, I did a blunder of watching it early this morning.

I wouldn’t talk about which movie that was and what the story was all about. But, trust me it got into my head. It made me fear in real.

Sometimes, it is the after effect of watching a horror movie. But, today, what I experienced was different. I am not a person who feared death, not as much I fear it today.

I questioned myself on who would be that someone ready to die to just make me live a little longer. It got me thinking and why would someone sacrifice their life to save mine?

I took me a while to beat the uncanny coincidences and come back to the reality. Horror has always been a piece of interest to me but too many coincidences of you being a part of it can scare you to hell.

First coincidence was when the I happened to watch the movie exactly an year later after its release. Date was a match and just the year being different.

Second was when I had been having two good falls for consecutive two days. And there’s still a little of fear feeding inside me.

The third was when I compared the time I fell both times, they were exactly during the 7th hour of the day.

I am a little okay now but…I need to be out of the pattern. Soon.

When camera is empty

I haven’t ever felt helpless as a photographer until today. As excitedly I carried my DSLR, I drained all my excitement, to me missing out on the memory card. That’s exactly when I realised that a camera is dead until you have both battery and the memory card in place. Of course all other parts too.

And there you go, I clicked my camera for you from my phone. As much as it wants to sleep there comfortably, I am restless enough to blame myself for being careless for not having checked things in time.

It also tricks me into giving it an extra thought. We often neglect tiny things around us. We take things for granted as if it’s their duty to exist that way. But, never have we been able to add a value tag to the things that work in combination. I think we can’t too because some worth can’t be numbered. It totally depends on the situation you are in and how much you want it.

This is a small post but would love to hear your thoughts. Share along. Comment!

Part of an inclusive plan

Okay, about being the honest take, I will say, I was never a part of an inclusive plan of actions and decisions.

I should be happy being on the exclusive side. Ain’t it?

This post is about the friction between the inclusivity and the exclusivity.

Everytime I think I wasn’t part of the plan, I feel as though I was deliberately chosen to be kept apart. Well, that could be true too, for some reason, atleast something that I am not aware of.

The intent to be a part of the plan is because of an illusion that likeness with the group is strong enough for me to be a part of them. But, more often than not, the criteria varies from situation to situation.

Inclusivity can’t be asked for and it definitely isn’t earned in the way we think we can. It’s like a puzzle of no dependency of your concious behaviour.

There are so many things we don’t intend to but we are surely mistaken easily. Most of times, we don’t even have a hint how you were mistaken and what for.

Not everyone’s thinking process is same and it is hard to understand everyone’s. Pleasing one can be offensive enough for the other.

The point is, all of us, are busy with our packed lives. And I wonder why and how we have time to be concerned about the inclusivity into the rest of things we shouldn’t be concerned about.

Reaching a stage where you are exclusive to yourself, solidarity will seem like a bliss, and that is heck of a journey. And once you have reached that stage you’ll never want to be a part of anything else than your own self.

The fight between the you which wants to be inclusive and that doesn’t want to be a part is a tough one. The ultimate win is of the extent upto which your attachment/detachment levels are built.

Which stage do you think you are in?

Guess, a sooner, than a late

Well, well. I am back. This time a little quicker than I expected. You can’t help when you are stuck in writer’s block. Likewise, you can’t stop either when you are loaded with thoughts. Crazy dualities that writers live in. Kudos to our brains, it is always streamlined to a different world from the rest.

Image result for pen
Ink Pen, for illustration purpose only

Like the title of this post suggests, guess before it gets too late, simplifying to beyond repair. I’ll start from the point when I was asked to compare restless and relentless. I have described myself to be effortlessly restless in past. I just meant to say that it doesn’t take much effort to get me restless. It is all about the thoughts and the way they are induced on to me. I keep thinking about it for ages until I get something to convince myself with. The cycle starts again if I find anything that contradicts it.

Here is a good read: Relentless Restlessness

These words seem to unconnected but convey a total new idea with the way it can be looked at when playfully put together. Restlessness is quite relentless, don’t you agree? Anxiety leaves us sleepless when we are dying to go to bed and just sleep. Sleepwell mattresses don’t really help us there, does it? 😛

Relentlessness, for whatever it is, from being steady to being unstoppable. Restlessness is something in control of our state of mind. It can be modulated according to your control over thoughts and perceptions. Relentlessness is a factor of virtue of what is, conveys rather the intensity and not a state.

Heading back to guessing a little sooner, it is about knowing what could affect you and how much. It is more like a damage control. Often times we don’t know how to react when things don’t happen when we want to. And we also don’t know how to recover faster. Alright, that’s human. But, what we can also do is to make a counter measure to sustain if faced a situation where outcomes are negated to what we expect it should have been.

Firstly, try and understand that certain things are beyond human control and nothing can be done about it. Some blame it on destiny, some on time, some of horoscopes. Forget about the blaming part. It isn’t helping you anyways. It is just turning you into a pessimist which you shouldn’t be and definitely not so when you are already low and dealing with life’s big problems.

We all have problems huge ones. Un-deal-able, are they? Just think about it. Situations are hard. They sure are. Always, as ever, that you want to throw everything and just run away. Seems like a very easy solution. Isn’t it?

But, just face it, for once, eye to eye, just face it. Look into the eye of the problem and see  through. It isn’t that worse after all. But, even before we get to that stage, we should built within ourselves the ability to guess a situation where we are composed to deal with either cases. Being too depressed or over elated is something like an out-lier on an emotional band.

Hmmm…after giving out all the advises, have I been successful in implementing it all in my life? Okay…here is the reality..I am no expert. And it takes time to inculcate. And emotions are situational and we aren’t always ever ready to deal with them as though we won over all the mix. It is just a little tuning and awareness to what we are and how we are. In a way, if we knew how we react to certain situations, we can always play smart before we get there.

Say, you are playing a football match, your favorite team, you’d naturally support and you planned to have a party post the match to celebrate. In a case where your favorite team loses, don’t over react and cancel the party. Just change the cause of celebration. Match helped to gather friends/family, that’s the reason you should be partying about and not the reason that your favorite team won. Although, the effect of party doubles if your favorite team wins.

Life is critically simple. It is just you who gets impulsive and for that impulsiveness, life seems a heck more complex than it actually is.

I’ll see you all again, sooner, a little sooner!

Trying to capture the dystopia

We are humans and we don’t settle for anything less than what’s deserved to be offered.
Well, what about those times when we vault away to the world where all the elements of wants, desires, expectations belong to be protruding version of dystopia.

Stealing away with that line of thought, I keep reminding myself that everything is a lie. Every time that something upsets me, I say to myself, “Everything is a lie.” I don’t myself that how did I come up with that. That’s pure pessimism. That’s how it looks.

How I console myself is that what once was true doesn’t stay true forever. Like the colour of your clothes, we could fight over your yellow shirt or red pants that they are still yellow and red after it fades or after they are stained. The argument gets void with time.

I just think it to be another version of “this too shall pass”. Everything is a lie. Let me just give it a better name, “Illusion”. That sounds a little better. Doesn’t it? That is because we always choose to hear what we want to and see what we want to. What we don’t realise is that we are far far away from what reality is. And sometimes, with perspectives even reality is a lie because it defies you into believing something which isn’t.

All those times when you said, “Never”, “Forever”, “Always”, have you looked back to see the promises that you made are still something that you abide by? I am no one to ask these questions, to you! But I ask them to myself because I know I ain’t great at it too and that’s why in a way, I call everything a lie. It isn’t fair to do so. I understand that. But it relieves me of the devastation of how could I believe in something that looked so true that I should have understood that it is far away from what it is?

Everything seems so fictional that you start to think again if what you see is real anymore. If at all what seems real is true anymore. You are then forced to question the definitions of “real and ” true”. And then the hunt begins.

In this world, just as the description goes, I am trying to capture the dystopia. Marveling is a stake, this way, towards a world that’s unbelievably undone with the way we think it is.

Until my next post, miss me! ☺






Another context

I got a reply mail for my previous post, “An E-Mail”. I’d like to apologize for I didn’t introduce the mail in my previous post.

For depiction of a Writer's Window

Well, here again, I’d be doing the same. I’d like to give the person some privacy as the person chose to mail me instead of having commented on my post. (Note: Commenting on my blog doesn’t require you to be logged in.)

I was asked interesting questions, and that’s exactly why I have decided to make a category on my blog to specially address all the questions I recieve that’s worth a blog post.

I’d try to answer one question at a time or all at once if they seem related.

So, I was told I contradict myself and it is evident from my posts. It just makes me laugh. Don’t ask me why for you don’t know my thought process.

Making peace isn’t all about being okay with what ever is happening. It is about knowing the possibilities of outcomes that might be and making a choice.

There is no one solution to the conflicts that you face within you. One solution might work now and the complete opposite might work for next similar situation. It isn’t math that 2 + 2 has to be 4. You never know when that become 2! + 2! Or log(2) or log of a negative number which doesn’t exist.

It might seem that I am contradicting my thoughts. I sure be. Maybe. But that doesn’t mean I deny of saying both thoughts. I am equally proud of both. Bird flies today. It might swim tomorrow. What concerns with me and my thoughts are me considering both the sides of the situation and in all possible dimensions. I am not saying that u do it right, atleast I trying. The thinking is limited, to the marks I am well aware of.

It could be considered as a learning process just like any algorithm or model which takes the feedback from the error and retunes.

I started writing because I wanted to be heard and I had things to say. It later shifted to me fighting with my thoughts and then it moved on to storing the events of my experiences. Some of my posts are for the people who didn’t want me to stop writing and I didn’t have new topics to write about. I asked them suggestions instead and wrote about them.

To the statement that was made in the mail,
“Do you write because you’re alive? or is it because, you’re not and therefore…”

I write because it makes me more alive than what I already am. As though, an energy drink after a full marathon.

I don’t write because I am alive. I am able to write because I am alive. All I need is to feel alive even though I am. In a way, helping people facing situations like mine helps me. So is my next reason to write. You never know who is getting benefitted. Right message at the right time, just…helps!

Another interesting ask, “Are you at peace or in search of peace?”

No one is permanently at peace unless one has disassociated everything from himself/herself. I haven’t reached that stage. Things still affect me so is my thought circling everything around it.

It was great writing this post and I’d like to shout out to amazing bloggers out there for being an inspiration to many.


An E-Mail

I’d definitely address this post to that someone who asked me ‘who do I write for? and what is the purpose of your blog.’

Image result for email
I have written in my previous posts that it is my way of venting my thoughts out. Some might have assumed it is for someone or to those who I am not able to speak to but I’d still want to convey.

It might be so. But, the sole purpose of my writing is to feel alive. Nothing else has kept me alive as much as writing has. And I really appreciate of what writing has given me.

Writing is just an expression, many might say. But, it is life to some. It gives life to some.

It is often happened that, my friends who I have lost in touch with still read my blogs just so that they are able to know what is happening with me without having to ask me. I take writing my head out as an opportunity to let them have that leverage.

Expressing the right emotions when they want to flow is something I am really particular about and I make sure that truly happens. So, the seeding to this blog remains.

Off-late, I haven’t been writing much. I wouldn’t say I have lost but there is a feeling within that I have, that I have lost the need to express.
“What is achieved by expressing?” “Why should it be expressed at all?” “Who is even going to bother try to know what you are conveying?”

I had answers to all these questions. Answer was just the same. “Need to write, to express, to feel alive.” The stance has now changed to “Why should I feel alive?” “I am breathing, isn’t that enough?”

That is getting to a pessimistic tone, I understand that. But, I need to make peace with what I am feeling too. Writing everyday isn’t going to help. Dragging posts just to make one isn’t fair and I don’t want to be that person. No, not at all.

I should be writing whenever I feel there is a need to and I shouldn’t be caring about who is reading it and how many out there are reading. So, I guess, venting like this, this post, is good enough too!

Peace peace. ☺

Ciao! Until I find my next piece to write about.

Merry Christmas

As long as you survive, keep the spirit of Christmas alive.
The feeling of togetherness is the purpose of whole of it, I believe it personally.
Christmas isn’t about presents or all those fancy things around, it is about being with the people to love to be with, to be grateful to god and welcome the new year with all the charm and warmth.

Being grateful to people who make compromises to make our lives a little better, should be a part of your routine. We often tend to take those sacrifices for granted and we should stop doing that and see the worth of it by valuing it in its absence.

I guess, we need to further extend our thanks to our Moms and family for being supportive and always approachable whenever we needed them. Also, to those dear friends, who you didn’t have to reach out to, to ask help. They were always there in times of need and Christmas is a reminder time for you to show your thankfulness and make moments with them more joyous.

Image courtesy: GreetingsIsland

Merry Christmas everyone and have a beautiful year ahead.

I didn’t realize

Hola people!
I am glad you are still here, reading my post even after me being very inactive on this blog.
From a person who made it a point to write a blog post everyday, I have become a person who is too busy to be able to write and believe me I am not happy with it myself.

People around me who know me well will definitely tell that I am making excuses but trust me, I am not. And like every other writer faces it, the so called “Writer’s block”, it is not something that is bothering me right now but it is the topics to write about.

There are so amazing things around. I wish I could write about all of them right away. The emotional effort and putting it into words is what I am getting lazy with. I rather feel to feel the moment and keep it in a memory than writing about it.

It took me a while to strongly feel that writing about things I like is just making my memory thicker and more robust and I should be doing it often as much I could. Also, to be honest, writing is the only thing that’s been around me when there was no one around to hear me. How could I just abandon it? I mean come on, it is the only thing that sustained me through my tough times.

Maybe. It also reminds of the things I don’t want to speak again of. The things that hurt. The things I can’t crib about. The things that make a part of me which I need to resist with. The things, the things.

Oh why. Every time I hear around, a writer in a general world is supposedly sad. They are usually pictured to be someone who always writes whenever there’s a need to convey negative and sad emotions. I think there is a change in the perspective that needs to be brought in. And like I said, writing has been a friend whenever I was low. I then decided to stop writing about things negatively bothering me.

This year has taught me a lot. Making friends easily to losing them too as easily. It is rightly said that you’ll find a lot of temporary people in life. After college, each of us has become so busy that looking back at the bond we shared surprises us of what we were and what we are now.

At this time-line of life, the impact has just got stronger. People leave eventually. It is hard to believe but it is true. It works that way and you shouldn’t be cribbing about it. Only few stick along and the others move on. And, so should you.

Christmas is on its way and welcoming new year with warm feelings is my only priority now. My new year resolution happens to be to stick to the right people and let go of the others. People come into your life, for some reason unknown, stay as much they are destined to and then…..they leave. And, so is your role is their life. Pass by. Pass on. Keep going ahead like year after year for the fresh starts and old endings.


Miss me until I am back with another post. Will try to be regular.


Things about sleepy dog doing yoga

I could laugh hard at the title I came up with. But it’s worth it. 

There are other pictures that I could post here but I guess I’ll let dogs down my lane have some privacy for themselves. 

Am kidding. I’ll post about those cuties regularly.

The reason why I wanted to make this post is the thing about dogs. Firstly, they are adorable and secondly they are super flexible. 

They never have a sleep too sound that they don’t wake to minute click of sounds. They are alert all the time and about their waking up process, the stretching and yoga that they do is incredible and you’ll start to wonder if you’d be ever able to do something like that yourself. 

I’ll come around with more posts. Cheers to lovely angels on earth, loyal ones reminding us about the nice things.