Photoscape | #8

A reflection that it is, more than what it is, it is as owned by the caged perception that the water carries.  Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #7

Like there and random. Sometimes of the vary, like those that might seem certain, peace within lies in the rest that gets engraved. – Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #6

The leaves like they travelled to the vertices’s curve. Mine will be the smirk of the see that lies in the top and then swings.  – Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #5

A little of might and notorious, speed like you, into the world of new. Run behind for a new start. And there you are. 🍀 – Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #4 

Right away into the those states of stares. A part of hopelessness, helplessness and a thing or two for defense.  – Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #3

A ladder upwards might always seem blurred but the amount of disguised passion carves the bones of the woods for you, to ride uphill and the ladder to be of your own. ~ Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Photoscape | #2

So, I think, I shouldn’t be giving you a pose, but anyways, you could take a picture of me. And I assume from your blabberings that you have a blog and you sure are going to put my picture up there. Cheers girl!

Photoscape | #1

She was the wind I winked out of the sky , so did she beam like the sun in my universe. Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces

Things around the corner.

I woke up to “Galway girl”. I hadn’t known of her unless I was given a reference of her by the Irish band and her love for her English man. This was another piece of Ed Sheeran magic, isn’t it? But, I still love the shape of you.  Exploring the shapes around me was my…

Tricolour is in our hearts

I am a normal Indian who is as equally excited as of the day on which we got independence. I might choose to not show it because hypocrites will start taunting that patriotism is something that should flow in you always and not some one day where you feel proud of your country and you…

Royal Stag | Large Short Films | Khamoshiyan

Link: Khamoshiyan This short movie totally stole my heart. The love the dogs have is clearly evident in this short movie. It makes me fall in love with them, yet again. Dogs are more like the source of love to me. I haven’t seen/heard any other pet stories which talk about their loyalty and ultimate kind…

The moment of acceptance

The chance of acceptance for just the way you are is less, unless the people who need to accept you, see something in you that appeals to them. That’s nearly fair, right? So, I was having white forest pastry with my colleagues, the fun ones, the cheery ones, and like any other Instagramer I was…