Smiles All Around

Smile is naturally very contagious they say. But, no one tells you about the other side of the story. Have you been told about the stories of fading smile? Have you been told about how a sparkling smile faded with someone’s absence? I guess no. Even if told, I think we haven’t paid enough attentionContinue reading “Smiles All Around”

To be, or not to be

If you are hearing this line “To be, or not to be” for the first time, you should read this: To be, or not to be | William Shakespeare. I picked this lotus picture for the very reason that they seemingly look alike but aren’t. They have their individualises of their own and yet theyContinue reading “To be, or not to be”

Mr. Briefcase finally Answered

I saw the walls blurring that day. My fictional character as though wanted to retire and I had to let go. I didn’t want to let go but I had to respect the free will. The reason why Mr. Briefcase played an important role had now ceased to exist. All the reasons that contributed toContinue reading “Mr. Briefcase finally Answered”

Making all wrong choices

Have certain experiences or the choices that you made in the past made you rethink your decisions as you are almost close to concluding that you aren’t the right fit to make anything right for yourself? Well, that happens with everyone. No worries there. I found a pattern in my wrong choices, I trusted peopleContinue reading “Making all wrong choices”

Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 3 • Anangsha

I have been an admirer of her answers first and then her books. I know Anangsha from Quora and it was great to have read her books, one was of poetry and the other of Cyber Crime thriller. I am thankful that she agreed to do this small catch up for my blog. 😁 1.Continue reading “Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 3 • Anangsha”

Meeting with Shade

Let’s call this person “Shade”. This post is completely fictitious. Written on purpose. Subjected to introspection. Do not deep dive unless you want to indulge. Statutory warning by the blogger, it has nothing to do with the law. 1. Hi Mr. Shade, how are you? I am very well, thank you. May I know whyContinue reading “Meeting with Shade”

Story Mirror | 52 Weeks Challenge

Story Mirror has come up with this great initiative of making all the writers and poets out there to pen their thoughts more often. They are challenging us to take up 52 weeks challenge where we would be required to submit either a story or a poem every week for 52 such submissions. I amContinue reading “Story Mirror | 52 Weeks Challenge”

Let’s Clutch Up! | Season 3 | Chandana and Shailendra

I wanted to begin season 3 with two dear friends of mine. It is them I’ll give credits to for inspiring me to start interviewing people. Although I have been quite inspired by how Humans of Bombay and Humans Defynd work but it was these two who were the acting thrust for me to doContinue reading “Let’s Clutch Up! | Season 3 | Chandana and Shailendra”

Waving bye to 2018

I wanted to make this post a little more interesting – I collected thoughts and experiences of my friends to make a thread of how 2018 was for them. Here’s the list, read on: I’ll now begin with my experience, January for me was full of anxiety, exploration and blending in to the feel ofContinue reading “Waving bye to 2018”

Thousand miles away, I see us

I was reviewing my past posts here. I had a purpose then, now it seems all deviated and diverged, explaining why I haven’t been writing as much lately. I felt that my blog posts weren’t read and wasn’t reaching the right audience. My elderly friend explained on how I should be keeping my purpose andContinue reading “Thousand miles away, I see us”