Silver Threads

EunoiaPrompts – July 6 – Silver Threads

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Most certainly, in the tone of the obvious,
a supreme sense known to all,
the feeling of a thread connecting it all in all,
strings, countless and many,
deciding the fate of this wholly,
who do you hold on to,
to what do you find a purpose in,
this thin sliver of silver has got it full.

Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes

Sunday Prompt – Silver Leaf Poetry
Theme: Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes

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A start to our end,
call it a tear, but no fear,
this wasn’t where it all diverges,
it is here, we had to meet,
in my moves, I find you,
our moments of wanders together,
turned to a musical nights,
of all the things we were deprived of,
kept away from, for distances that we were placed at, apart and yet together in thoughts,
conveyed, unconvinced,
fate no lies, left us more confused,
common thread,
with our dances in our tears held,
a history that we made no peace with,
not yet, not today,
perhaps, a time such shall come,
unsaid and undone,
yet all so complete.

Choose A Colour

EunoiaPrompts – July 5 – Choose A Colour

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To the colour of love,
do you ever distinguish?
An epitome of boundless you are,
do you know how it feels to have to pick one?
Sometimes, you got it all,
sometimes you got none,
you’re impulsive and ruthless,
all at the same time.

Painting in Dry Colours

EunoiaPrompts – July 4 – Painting in Dry Colours
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You reminded me of the fruits,
dried up of their moisture,
to collect the colours of their dried remains,
wait you did, until their last drop to evaporate,
to retain their very essence, so hard, you tried,
you couldn’t sustain as you wanted to,
only for a realisation,
preserving is not in perseverance.

Tango Poetry

Tango Poetry – Eunoia Prompt
Round 2
Theme: ‘A bit of spice and romance’
Title: Entangled in you
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Ages it has been that you opened your heart,
realised I didn’t the love you had,
for me, which you tried to express in all your art,
unaware I still am, why you hide?

Push I did, you off the cliff,
summon the oblivion you did, to shun the worries in me,
I shall forgive the sugared aversions of all your if(s),
but I don’t understand, where did we go wrong?

Fault not ours, that we didn’t last,
the longer if we had, faded we have would,
danced we did in each other’s past,
bless were our angels, alas, we did stay until we could.

The clock of our times, stopped to be in sync,
it was a sign that was somehow delivered,
regret we won’t, even for a moment of blink,
reserve all we have, we shall, forever for an ever.

Ages it has been that you opened your heart,
summon the oblivion you did, to the shun the worries in me,
fault not ours, that we didn’t last,
regret we won’t, even for a moment of blink.

Rusty Frame of Trust

EunoiaPrompts – July 3 – Rusty Frame of Trust
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Trust in all faith, I did,
you let it rust with time,
I had broken with the weakened bond,
and yet you were there,
to collect the sand I had become.

I had no other purpose,
you still had one for me,
to just ensure that I wasn’t just a synonym,
Of time, and beyond.

Warm Yellows

EunoiaPrompts – July 2 – Warm Yellows
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Warmth of your sunshine,
these flowers seem to move all around,
in the direction that you are,
brightened with your charm,
I feel nothing short of an elation,
as though destiny indeed brought us together,
like all the ways were meant to be.

Charcoal Pages

EunoiaPrompts – July 1 – Charcoal Pages
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Black but not charred,
purity, I shall mark,
with absorbing some from you,
and also some of you,
pages be written about us,
for eternity to come,
for we are nothing but a cycle,
an elemental set in pattern.

Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 4 • Abhiram Ravikumar

I am thankful to Freedom Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) Camp for making me meet a lot of amazing folks. One of the finest among them is Abhiram. I am glad that he agreed to be a part of my blog and share some of his insights.
Although, our interactions have been limited but his zeal to solve problems has always been something that shines bright. He is also very introspective in nature which makes the conversations he participates in all the more interesting!

So, let’s begin and hear more from him ☺

1. Hello Abhi, your overall technical presence amazes me, you have conducted workshops, hackathons, and also participated in several camps. How would you describe your interest towards several tech & how do you manage to still stay connected?
I think my interest in technology comes from the fact that technology is just an aid, but ultimately what we do using technology is to solve a problem. Since a small age, I’ve found that solving problems fascinates me. And that’s the motivation to try and solve the problems we encounter.

 2. You have worked on Ethereum and Blockchain, how difficult is to build apps on block chain? What does the process look like while determining if an app can be made on Blockchain?
Building apps or DApps (Decentralized Applications) is fairly straightforward. You first recognize a business use case, finalize if the decentralized architecture is a right fit and then proceed with building the app.  For example, I built a decentralized voting app, using which voters can run an election without the need for a central monitoring agency. 

 3. Would you like to talk a little bit about your course on Lynda? When did you when learn about Rust and what makes it unique?

The entire process was split into 3 parts – topic selection, scripting, and recording. The topic selection and scripting part took close to 3 months and the recording took a week. It was really challenging to fit advanced Rust topics in 5-minute videos concisely.
It’s the only Rust course available on LinkedIn Learning at the moment! That makes it special.

 4. You have been a Mozilla Tech Speaker for a long time now, any experiences that you would like to share, a learning that you’ll always carry?
Mozilla Tech Speakers has helped me learn more about myself and has given me many learning experiences over the last 6 years. From every talk I’ve given, I’ve always had something to take away. For example, in MozFest 2017, my first international conference, the age range of the audience was from 8 years – 60 years. I had to quickly adapt my content so that my talk added value to both the young and the old. 5 months after my Rust talk at PyCon India 2018, an audience member developed his first Rust application. Such experiences are not only memorable, but also soul-satisfying.

5. What are some interesting use cases you solved while participating in camps and Hackathons?
In one of the internal hackathons at SAP Labs, my team built an app in the immersive experiences space. This project (Fit Me Right) was exciting because the VR space was entirely a new area for the whole team, so we had to learn things quickly. If you’ve bought clothes online, you know that most of the time, the size of the piece is either too small or too large. Fit Me Right aims to solve this problem by creating a digital twin of yourself and provides an immersive shopping experience using virtual reality on the web. We leveraged the Mozilla Hubs and AFrame platform to build a one of a kind shopping experience for the casual online shopper. This was built during Battle Of Innovation, 2019.


 6. If anything that intrigues you the most in the programming world, what would it be? 
In my opinion, the entry barrier for programming is too high. A common man finds it very difficult to start coding, mostly due to a lack of awareness and a lack of good quality training material. Online platforms like Coursera and Khan Academy are trying to solve this problem, but we need many such initiatives.

 7. What’s your take on Open Source Software? More on how you think it helped shape a better collaboration among technology enthusiasts?
It’s a great time for open source to be honest. Proprietary companies like Microsoft and SAP are now showing their love for the open-source community.
For instance, Microsoft announced a new feature called Codespaces in GitHub which would make setting up of developer environment easier.
Thereby, making it easier for new developers to contribute to open-source projects. With key collaborative tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub, Microsoft has positioned itself as a key player in the open-source community.

 8. How would you recommend a new technology be learnt? Read documentation, take trainings and apply the learning in an implementation?
I adopt the learning by doing practice when I learn any new framework or concept. For example, when I learned building Dapps using blockchain, I used a simple tutorial available on Medium to start learning and I built my first app on the blockchain. I also believe in learning by sharing. Whenever I learn about something, I talk about it and sometimes teach about it. By talking (on Twitter) and teaching about a particular concept, I feel I learn better.  

 9. What according to you is the next big thing?
Quantum computers are undoubtedly the next big thing. They have the capability to hack into every single encryption system using the RSA encryption technique. So, once they’re available, all our Bank transactions, WhatsApp messages are prone to quantum-hacking. Building quantum-hack resistant systems would be then, the need of the hour. Quantum resistant blockchain is already getting built.
10. Lastly, how has lock-down been treating you and did you try to do something different with time at hand?
I’ve set up my own standing desk using furniture available at home. It’s funny. And my advice to all IT professionals WFH is to please get an ergonomic chair with a headrest and reclining facility. It’s worth it. WFH is the new norm, so make sure you’re equipped for it.

And that was the super cool Abhi for you!
You can connect with him on Twitter.

Eunoia Prompts (23rd – 30th June 2020)

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