Silver Threads

EunoiaPrompts – July 6 – Silver Threads Most certainly, in the tone of the obvious,a supreme sense known to all,the feeling of a thread connecting it all in all,strings, countless and many,deciding the fate of this wholly,who do you hold on to,to what do you find a purpose in,this thin sliver of silver has got itContinue reading “Silver Threads”

Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes

Sunday Prompt – Silver Leaf PoetryTheme: Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes A start to our end,call it a tear, but no fear,this wasn’t where it all diverges,it is here, we had to meet,in my moves, I find you,our moments of wanders together,turned to a musical nights,of all the things we wereContinue reading “Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes”

Painting in Dry Colours

EunoiaPrompts – July 4 – Painting in Dry Colours You reminded me of the fruits,dried up of their moisture,to collect the colours of their dried remains,wait you did, until their last drop to evaporate,to retain their very essence, so hard, you tried,you couldn’t sustain as you wanted to,only for a realisation,preserving is not in perseverance.

Tango Poetry

Tango Poetry – Eunoia PromptRound 2Theme: ‘A bit of spice and romance’ Title: Entangled in you Ages it has been that you opened your heart,realised I didn’t the love you had,for me, which you tried to express in all your art,unaware I still am, why you hide? Push I did, you off the cliff,summon theContinue reading “Tango Poetry”

Rusty Frame of Trust

EunoiaPrompts – July 3 – Rusty Frame of Trust Trust in all faith, I did,you let it rust with time,I had broken with the weakened bond,and yet you were there,to collect the sand I had become. I had no other purpose,you still had one for me,to just ensure that I wasn’t just a synonym,Of time, andContinue reading “Rusty Frame of Trust”

Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 4 • Abhiram Ravikumar

I am thankful to Freedom Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) Camp for making me meet a lot of amazing folks. One of the finest among them is Abhiram. I am glad that he agreed to be a part of my blog and share some of his insights. Although, our interactions have been limited but his zealContinue reading “Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 4 • Abhiram Ravikumar”