Let’s Clutch Up! • Season 3 • Anangsha

I have been an admirer of her answers first and then her books. I know Anangsha from Quora and it was great to have read her books, one was of poetry and the other of Cyber Crime thriller.

I am thankful that she agreed to do this small catch up for my blog. 😁

1. Your name is pretty and unique, could you tell us the significance and story behind choosing a name for you?

Thank you. My name has its roots in Hindu mythology – Anangsha was Sri Krishna’s foster sister – the daughter of Nanda and Yashoda. I’m not sure why my parents chose this particular name, but over the years, I have made myself believe that since it is so unique, it is my responsibility to make it known all over the world.

2. Your first book, Stolen reflections is full of beautiful poems, would you tell us about your idea of putting them all together?

I had been writing poems since I was very young. In fact, my first poem was published in a local newspaper when I was five years old. Whenever I have found myself in turmoil, poetry has come to rescue – being both my solace and my ticket to freedom. So it was only natural that when I thought of getting my first book out in the world, it would be a collection of poems.

3. Are you a poet person or a writer person? And why do you think so?

Well, can’t I be both? 🙂
On a serious note, I believe I am a writer who disguises poetry as prose (no, honestly, I haven’t done that yet. But that is what I strive to achieve one day).

4. How you to make time to write, teaching job must be already very exciting and tiring at the same time.

Indeed, teaching job is more taxing than I would have imagined when I was a student. And to top that, I am also doing my PhD part-time. On most days, I try and sneak in at least one hour of writing after putting in 12+ hours of work and studies – but on some days, I fail to do even that.

As they say, life is difficult, but I am pushing on. I am trying.

5. Have you considered becoming a full time writer?

Have I considered being a full-time writer?! It is the ultimate goal for me.

Over the years, I have found that I am the happiest when I am putting words to paper, and I want a life where I can do that without having to worry about other important things like a day job. I want writing to pay the bills, and I am working towards it, one small step at a time.

6. You are a two time Quora Top Writer, how does it feel?

To be honest, it was thrilling when I first got the tag of “Top Writer” in 2016. That was the most difficult year in my life (I was fresh out of college with no job, working towards a goal I wasn’t sure I would achieve) – and Quora served as a silver lining. In 2018, I was elated, because the TW tag was announced in March (if I remember correctly) – which was around the time I released my first book “Stolen Reflections”. It helped give my book a nice first push into the cut-throat competitive world of book publishing.

7. How did you conceptualise “What did Tashi do?”

My Facebook account was hacked in mid-2016. For over two weeks, an anonymous stranger on the internet had access to every picture I had shared over Facebook over the past six years. It was a terrifying thought, and though the hacker was never caught even after my account was recovered, the idea that someone in the world has seen me at my most vulnerable still gives me chills. It was a story I wanted to share with the world, and all that fear and trauma took shape in the form of this cybercrime thriller “What did Tashi do?”

8. What are the usual struggles you face as a writer and how do you overcome it?

Apart from trying to reach a wider audience, the hardest struggle that assails me at least once every day is the nagging voice inside my head that keeps telling me, “You are not good enough.” On some days, it takes over, forcing me to delete whatever progress I had made on that day, but on others, I emerge victorious as I tell it to shut up, saying that yes, I may not be good enough today, but if I keep on writing, there will surely be one day when I will be.

9. What are some key notes that you would like to give to the aspiring writers who have just begun to write?

The most important thing that I would like to tell all aspiring writers is that – “You cannot be a writer without being a reader first”. But then again, do not read with the intention of learning, read to fill your mind with words and ideas, read because you enjoy it, because you know of no other thing that satisfies the curiosity of your soul as visiting the world another author’s words had made. Read with a voracious appetite a wide range of books – starting from the classics of yore to today’s modern literature. Read on until the writer inside of you comes alive, shedding all skins of self-doubt and procrastination.

10. Could you write a small poem about yourself in your own creative way?

Now this is a difficult one to do without sounding pretentious. Nevertheless, here is an attempt:

It gets confusing at times
for she is a poetess
who lives at
an engineer’s address.

She keeps her friends close
for they are a select few
and gets nervous each time
she has to meet someone new.

She worries too much,
is often afraid to start –
but isn’t that expected
of someone who is
a writer at heart?

You can reach her on:

Twitter: Anangsha | Twitter

Quora : Anangsha | Quora

Links to her books:

Stolen Reflections
What did Tashi Do?

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