About movies over weekends

I could call weekends as weak ends. You plan something, you do something else. Weird right? People who can relate with me, say, “Aye!”

I plan to accomplish lot of things over the weekend thinking that it is the best time ever to but you just end up binge watching your favorite series or some feel good movies.

This time, the picks were rather erratic, on a deliberate note to feel up all the genres. “Up in the air” and “Shape of Water”. And a little of “The West Wing”.

It covered brutal realism, attitude, fantasy, drama, politics, decision making and a little of everything.

Weekends, are in a way, the most unproductively productive time. I have a reason to say that. It is not because what you do over the weekends that matters more but more of how you feel at the beginning of the next week.

If you feel just right to start a new one, then your purpose is set. If you don’t, blame it on the monday blues. Convenient. Very much.

If you are more of a planner, you are postive about your plans actually taking shape as you intend them to, which is nice.

Watching movies during the weekend lets you have a fresh perspective about things. Looking at the world through the director’s eye. You might or might not like it but having an experience of seeing through someone else’s eye is something good for a fresh start.

Please share your thoughts too! ☺

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