The moment of acceptance

The chance of acceptance for just the way you are is less, unless the people who need to accept you, see something in you that appeals to them. That’s nearly fair, right?

So, I was having white forest pastry with my colleagues, the fun ones, the cheery ones, and like any other Instagramer I was mistaken to be someone who is always lost in the virtual world and as if I see nothing around. 

And I go in my head like, “I see everything around and that’s why I want to capture it. And that’s why I need to send out a call to the world for being amazing and thanking the nature to be the way it is, by writing and telling the world that, ‘here! See how awesome it is?’….”

After taking this photo, I asked them, “Does it look like a miniature bat ball to you?”

They said, “Ahh, hmm, it can look like it….” “So, is this for your blog?”

And the excited me says, “Yes, yes, it surely is. That’s where I keep putting everything…lol.”

I am glad they understand me for what I am, the eccentric me

The moment of acceptance is when you are ready to see things in their virtue form. See for all the qualities in one like an embodiment of some form of expression in them that makes you feel to accept it for just the reason for it being what it is. 

A lot of words might seem repetitive in my last few blog posts but the concern has always been this strong for it to serve as a consistent reminder that, 

Quoting few lines from an inspired thought, 

“Anyone can love a rose because it comes easy. But, to love a thorn too… It takes you to see the extraordinary in something ordinary.”


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