Let’s pick up a fight.

This morning I find myself strangely asked to pick up fight for nothing. And that’s a request from a very refined friend. Lol. I laughed so hard that I actually wanted to appreciate his intent. He believes that fights make the bond stronger and I am like, “Dude, what the hell?”

To which he said, “Yeaaaaah…so? I mean fights are good, right? They make you feel cared for. Ain’t it?”

“Okay….so, we’ll have our set of fights…but that’s later to come? And not now?”


“Ha ha, I think I’ll write a blog post about this.”

Lol, I am actually writing one now. Ha ha. 

So, the argument kind of starts over the profile picture I had. 

“You changed your profile picture for good.”

“Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t like it. It was one of the best I made!”

“Usually, grayscale or monochrome would have suited that..but don’t you think you are laying off your standards there?”

“Am an exception. Right? So, I get to do what I want? Eh? I can’t believe how people can get judgemental about looks. Now, I had to change my DP only because I was asked where my face had disappeared.”

“Alright alright, calm down, I was just suggesting and you can’t expect people to like always the things that you do or the way you do it.”


“And…your pictures look so different from what you are. No one would it’s the same you. You look different and the pictures, they tell a different story altogether…”

“Yeah right, so people like my edited pictures and not me…is that what you mean here, eh?”

“No no..I didn’t mean that…all I am asking is why would you be different this way. Why can’t you be the same person?”

“Because society is bloody hypocrite? They can’t see as how you are…and even if you show what you are, they make their own free judgements and that comes quite easy to them?….my pictures are nice, because I process them, I tune them…I see in an angle in which no one else has seen..and that’s when they get to know, “oh, she is actually beautiful…” And I am like “Argggh… I was the same person all this while”….eh?”

“You seem to have taken offense and no, I didn’t mean to suggest you anything, just that I wanted you to be in your own skin and feel exactly how you do…”

“Okayyy…so you mean I pretend? So mean I am not like how I am? Really? I can’t believe tou think about me that way.”

“Anusha…enough now. I wanted a fight but not of this sort where senseless misunderstandings happen. I want to be, us, stronger as we are and not have this incessant argument which is baseless…”

“You think I was playing around all this while?…no am serious. I can’t digest it for the fact that you think about be this way…you better me sorry.”

“O.o dude, what are you…? I can’t believe that you act like a 2 year old baby craving for attention..can’t you handle a little indiscriminate bias….”

“Wait upp? Excuse me? What do you think of me? This is somethong unusual and no…I was so wrong about you all this while…”

*Burst into laughter*

I know we are extend this fight. Damn, can’t believe you agreed to play around this long. Ha ha. Well we deserved this small fight. 

*Time for a quick coffee.*

To mark the spirit of our fight, we’ll have the forests for us, the white and the black one. 😉


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