Urban Ladder | Short Film | Homecoming

I was tuned in to hear Vidya Vox this morning, I was hearing to “Blank Space and Mental Manadhil fusion of her’s”.

I don’t know how I accidentally saw the Urban ladder’s Homecoming, a short film. And it’s so far the memorable ad I have seen.  

The homecoming, was beautiful. 
The feeling of ‘Apnapan’ …(Mine) is all sparkled up in this ad. It was about a son who devotedly asks his parents to come settle with him and his small family. When his parents arrived at his place, they were happy and glad about how beautiful the house was made, the interiors and the whole arrangement. 

But, then, the son and his wife sensed the uncomfort that the parents were facing and that’s when “The magic was supposed to cast a spell over diwali.”

Meanwhile, when parents were out of town to visit the other dear ones, the magic happened and was revealed when the parents returned over to their place on Diwali. 

I was full of smiles when I watched this. Urban ladder, thanks for making my day. 


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