The pan spitting lady

I hate to write this, but I’ll. Well, I was on my way to work. And I met few peculiar incidents my way. 

I boarded the bus, took the ticket and was waiting to reach my point to be able to reach in time. Then, I notice this lady, who was chewing something for a long time. I didn’t pay much attention so I had completely ignore her earlier.

Since, it was a crowded bus I wasn’t paying attention to all these tiny details. But then, I see her fiddling hands trying to open something urgently. It was nothing but a polythene. She wanted to spit pan as she couldn’t get a window to spit it otherwise. Well, I kinda liked the idea of her carrying polythene to spit pan. But… One thing about her shoke me up like spooky. She smelt a lady’s hair beside her as if she could get high by smelling her hair.

Well, it was then time for me to get down. I could see a little school girl making faces to the pan spitting lady. I could totally read her face of how weird she was feeling to stand beside her.

I was about to get down and I was stuck. My earphones had got hooked to the school girl’s bag. It took me around 2 minutes to unhook the wires and release myself off the bus. And …the conductor screaming at the driver to not to start the bus before I get down.  :’D

I have no hard feelings. It is just that I feel responsible for the dirt that we spread. We as responsible citizens should make sure that we maintain hygeine and also try our best to keep the surroundings clean.


On a serious note, can smelling hair which needn’t be necessarily shampooed good enough to get you high?


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