Shor me up

I was having a very interesting conversation with Shor (Noise) in my head. Also, I got messages like, “You deserve better.” , “Let me show you my best.”, “Allow me to know you.”, “I can also handle your worst.”

Damn. I can’t get over it. And maybe I don’t want to. Lately, I have been thinking over and over again about the things that have made me the person I am today. And my head goes like, “I want  you all to myself.”


I got some pictures too that I clicked today. I don’t know what to think anymore, thoughts bombarding and they sucide inside me.

I like the texture of the sky. It is so nice. Isn’t it?

Coming back, to the noises, I met one yesterday, while I was almost asleep. I get a text, “Good to call now. 

I am like, “Whaaaaaat….am almost dying to sleep. No calls right now. No single way that’s possible….”

And there is other one asking me time, “Just 17 minutes more? Until it’s 12, please!”? 

And there my head goes, “Urghh, okay….until 2 minutes are done dying. I am cinderella or what… I didn’t meet a prince and neither own crystal sandals..”

My head buzzes up again, “humming..’we don’t talk anymore….’ la la lala la..!’…..”

Untill I am lord of the shor inside my head, I am going to keep writing. And you are sure to stay posted with me. 



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