It’s all deep down.

I have become close friends with depth. The fondness with something that could turn you into passion. And I call it deep down because it moves the up of you to the down of you and that feeling in itself is pretty much god like. 

Becoming friends is easy but being friends is hard. And the harder part is to know that things can drastically change with time annd things that mattered most to you today might not tomorrow. And that’s a hit back when you turn back to realise that you don’t feel the same anymore.

Let’s have a look at this, for now:

So, I spotted this cracked up part of the road and it isn’t something that’s unusual. It’s common but what really caught my eye was it being shaped like a half lung. I then start to think of roads had lungs, if they breathe the way we do, if they had to take in more pollution by taking in all the emissions from the vehicles riding on them. 

All those inanimate things which we think don’t have life, maybe they actually do. Toy story.

So, yes, I try to understand how things feel if they had emotions and what would they be telling us and also how would they sound like. 

In a way, the things around me, the way they exist, means a lot to me. Any small changes that happen to them affects me. It’s like it is evident of their screams about them not being the way they are anymore. 

I am elated when it comes to having friends getting deeply connected. And it kills me when I lose them to time, situations, constraints, different life plans.

Well, if you don’t move on, life moves on. You know, you can’t help it. 😉


 Have a great day. 


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