Shubha and Me. 

Shubha wished me “Good morning, Anusha” with a smile. That was the first time she did. I was surprised at first but I did wish her back. 

It’s been more than a month I saw her. Now, she must be back in college studying hard for her final year engineering or let me saying enjoying her college days.

We always had brief talks, but none of them were serious. I told her to feel home and approach me whenever she needed some help. I could see her grin and smile.  I was happy, that’s all that matter, right?

There was a small session that I conducted which needed to be interactive and quiz based. After all was done and I wasn’t satisfied with how it went, she comes to me and says, “Anusha, you were great!”. 

I didn’t know how to react, I managed, “Ha ha, thanks Shubha, glad that you liked it. Hope you are enjoying it here.”

Well, I miss her, I miss her smile, her excitement in things that she does. She’s back in her classes and I am at my desk trying to understand the work that I do.

I wish her a great future and I am hoping to see her again.

Meanwhile, I got a piece of cuteness, plum pudding at BITS, who is doing Masters, I got no clue how things are running out there. Parting ways with friends isn’t easy, right? Hoping that everything is well and good. 

Cheers to you two. 😉


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