The cool cab guy

So, I am a little late again in posting today. Ah and yes, I am a little sad that I am late.

Forget about all that, we’ll chat up later but today’s topic can’t wait. So, it’s this new cab Anna who dropped me back home. 

First of all, he talked fluent English and second of all, he had a tattoo. And the tattoo read, “Prathana”. I was so delighted as if I saw someone who tattooed my name on their wrist. “Prathana”…”Prayers”

But, the point is, he tattooed either his wife’s name or his kid’s, I don’t know it. 

And the third best part is after dropping me he told, “Watch the road and walk. Be safe!”

That was a steal away moment. Thanks Anna. I don’t know your name but yes, I am quite impressed. Not because of the tattoo or your english skills, but for the care your carry on your wrist and the concern in your tone.

Take care!💐


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