Sleepy bat from Insta

I know Adi from the days of instagram when I was pretty active. Now, I am not. I miss it, but am okay. He has this amazing way of putting things and clicks great photos.
His bio reads that he’s a researcher and it excited me more. In the process of getting to know him more, I got to know that he sings too. I am glad that we exchange mails now. Who knows he could be celebrity tomorrow and maybe he already is. 

It’s kind of a nice feeling when you have someone you write letters to, e-mails to, specially to share warm feelings and not something like those of ‘official mails’.

Adi has great dreams and a super future ahead. I hate to believe that he’s a junior but yes he is a great person for the age he is. 

Since, I had stopped being on Insta I had lost touch. I found him on Twitter on some random day and that’s when I remembered, “Oh, yes! I did mail him few months back.”

And on the same mail thread we started mailing each other again. He is now geared up to record his vocals. 

Let’s wish him all the best! 🎈


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