Here’s one from Nikhil!

Thanks Nik for tweeting something amazing like this. This person sure is someone who can get you started to tweeting back at him. 

 He says, “One day we all will be famous…..” Let’s cut out the second part from the tweet as it is irrelevant. Right? Who cares about having a profile these days. But, wait… We do, right?

We are all behind having a profile that’s worthy and that attracts eyes. Yes or no?

We all want to be heard, we all want attention, we all want to be influential and please don’t deny and we’ll know that you are lying. 

Although, there are some exceptional folks who are least bit bothered about how things work around them for they are happy with the way they function.

It is kinda nice to be famous, to be known…but how much of it is good. Afterall, we all need our private space. Right?



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