Happy friendship day

Heya folks, happy friendship day! And let me tell you of how difficult it has been since morning to wish back happy friendship day as everytime I tried to type the auto correct led me to happy birthday automatically which needed additional efforts to actually type those magical words, “Happy friendship day.” And I am not a person who’ll copy paste it because it takes emotions to come out as words and be typed exactly the way it has to.

Here is me wishing all of you reading this a very very happy friendship day. I have typed it so many times that my default is now happy friendship day which earlier was happy birthday. 😂

This day is more like a call to appreciate the folks I have had in my life and the beautiful roles they played to make me what I am today. Thanks a bunch. 

I have met many many amazing people in my life and they all are my precious, you all sure are. I am grateful to have been a part of a crossroad in your lives. 

Friends are like petals of a flower, part of the same family, individually recognised and yet known for being a family. 

Cheers to friendship and cheers to people around me. Thank you. Thank you all. 


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