Micro-poetry season.

I wish to share a thoughtful tweet that I read this morning. 

So, poetry is now an effective communication isn’t it? You don’t really have to be hinting at someone and yet convey so many things. I totally think that’s beautiful.

And what I just shared has lots to tell me about how we perceive people, emotions, desires, intentions and actions. I see the whole world in those just few lines. 

Micropoetry or any form of free poetry has beautiful meanings that’s attached to them. But, a reality hit question is how often do we try to comprehend them or how often we simply ignore after having read them?

Every two liner that comes totally from your heart which is truly felt is another form of disguised poetry. Not many give that two liner so much of thought as much as we poets do. And that’s another reason why I can totally fall in love with someone who connects with me in literary fashion. 

Literature can be super seductive. It can heal you, break you, nurture you, spoil you, invent you, challenge you, slap you, love you and can handle you in so many different ways that you aren’t even aware of. 

Poetry in a way is a silent form of art, unlike abstract which tries to scream thoughts on you. I know many would disagree but that’s how I see it. Please comment your points of disagreement. 

A poet’s journey is a never ending one, it going on like it has to and stays like it was meant to. 

I have seen the season of micro-poetry grow universally within hearts of people. Almost every other person is into writing tiny tales and scribble letters. 

I have decided to make one virtual card a day. I would love to make some for the bloggers around. Please comment if you would like to have one made and I shall make it for you. 


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