🍃Leaf and the tree🌴

You’ll find two pictures here that changed my way of looking at things, not entirely but very significantly.

One is a leaf curled up into a shell look alike, that too multicolored and the other, the common tree around my place.

What this blog post is all about, if you ask, I’ll say, “I found a shell that is multicolored and I didn’t have to go the sea or the ocean to find it.”

“And there’s this tree which is photogenic but it’s neighbor is a cool photobomber trying to play a trick with hands but failed. Ha ha.”

I know that I ain’t great at putting the humour in place but the honest part being that I tried. 
I think, this is what we lack. We have stopped looking beyond things. We perceive things as is. We don’t ponder on their purpose or the reason why they are existent and in same the form that they do. 

Any science student would counter me and say, that’s just a leaf with deficiency of these elements and eventually fell because it couldn’t support itself. 

Well, in that case, weren’t the tree, branches and the fellow leaves trying to help the leaf with the deficiency with the resources it needed to survive?

Where is that accounted to? What did all the effort go to? The leaf is no more a part but has a trace of all of the other factors helping it to survive longer than intended and now it is shaped differently with prominent colours that I pay attention to it and write a blog post. 

So, there is this cycle of thoughts and intent that we pass through. We are passengers with limited seats. We borrow, we lend, we rent but we don’t stay at a place long enough to decipher something end to end and that’s why we are usually stuck at things that are uncertain and unpredictable. 

If only we knew what those puzzles meant which we are part of. 

Think…and drop by your comments. 


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