Poets: Do you agree?

So, there was this tweet that got me started. It was around 5 days back. I just tweeted back and that was a forgotten story. 

I know this person from twitter for a while. And his tweets mostly contain humour/sarcasm. I hadn’t expected a tweet regarding poets of this kind from him although I could laugh at it too. 

Well, what makes me to share this again after almost a week is a thought that poets are nothing without their muses which is true. But, I’d beg to differ when it comes to the statements calling it out loud that a person who has faced rejection becomes a poet like default. I’d appreciate if it was said that anyone who desires to express the heartfelt feelings could be a poet and it could very well be both positive and negative. 

So, what do you think?

Just some thoughts I feel that needs a little attention and I am in no mood of hard feelings or arguments. 

Comment your thoughts about what you think of poets.


4 thoughts on “Poets: Do you agree?

  1. I agree in part with what Vijayalashmi Harish says. Not all poets are rejects and certainly not all rejects are poets. But it takes more than an ability to feel deeply and appreciate the neglected commonplace to be a poet. A poet must also be a meticulous observer and a skilled reporter with highly-developed gifts for compression and creating metaphor. But I also get what Nikhil Wad said: The powerful emotional pain that often accompanies rejection can inspire some amazing, heartfelt, colorful, and meaningful poetry.

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging,


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  2. Neither are all rejects, poets; nor are all poets, rejects! All you need to be a poet is to feel deeply, to appreciate the commonplace that everyone else overlooks.

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