She wore Violet

Before I start talking about her, let me tell you that she wore Violet today, just because I wore Violet. This is something basic that I’d expect as she is my creation. But she said to me, “I won’t be showing my face to you. You’ll get scared.”

I asked her, “Why do you think you’ll scare me? I created you, I’ll be fine by you.”

To which she replied, “I am not the same lady you created me to be. I have changed with time and you see, the now part of me is very much unknown to you. 

Now, that was completely questionable. How would it be if I told you that we as creations have changed from what we were intended to be?

Looking back to how affected I was when the lady in Violet said that she wasn’t the same as I wanted her to be, I understand that we too in a way aren’t the way we are supposed to be. 

Aren’t we all meant to be merry leading a happy life? wasn’t whole purpose of Humanity was to help each other through the hurdles?

If you were trying to guess who that lady in Violet is, it is me, my alter ego. 

She draped a saree signified the rational me. And me being the current me was the old kid version of me who still beleived in intuitions and fantasies. 

A kid would still be someone who takes the lines, “Roses are red and violets are blue.” a little too seriously. 

Like a duel, one wants to forget something and the other wants everything to stay. Hence, the fights between them is always an everlasting thing.

Dedicated to folks who aren’t in my life anymore.


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