Go live your life

Nothing else could have made me happier. Thanks to all those lovely bloggers who came by for a call I had made that I needed them. 

This morning, before I left my place, before I wore my footwear, before I took a second to understand what was wrong with me yesterday, I saw this:

A dead butterfly’s wing. What did it have to signify: that the butterfly is dead or that it had beautiful wings when it was alive?

I was lost in my own train of thoughts. I moved on from the wing by saying, ‘R.I.P sweetheart, you have another world to lead.’

Also, now, as I write, I am reminded of a small story which a friend of mine narrated to me a few days ago.

She told me about her father, those good old times when she and her father used to go buy groceries. For the time that would take hardly half an hour, they used to take an hour or so. If you’d ever ask them why they took so long, you’d know that was some hidden treasure that made sense to my friend just in the recent years. 

That hidden treasure was nothing but getting to talk to those people in the vegetable stalls and hearing them talk about their day to day life. That smile that you share with them, as if you were the shine of their day because you cared enough to ask them how were they today?

And that’s enough. Enough to light up someone, just like you folks supported me by sharing kind words and all the love. I am thankful. 

Today again, while coming back home, rain welcomed me, sand swirled ahead of me, clear sky on the other side being my umbrella, my day just seemed just. 

And I said to myself, ‘Go live your life.’ so as I’d suggest anyone else who’s looking out for inspiration.


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