Everything is..just something.

Everything is just something in its own way. 

Both of the below shots are taken with the same frame of angle and I noticed that the brightness and focus made all the change that we see here. 

Nature always has something to convey in the form which may or may not be understood by us. 

Something called me off today, I won’t reason out why but surely I know that there is some greater good that is meant and hidden.

Again, like it is said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

And I said to my mom simply, ‘I feel like that Duryodhan who was killed in Gandhari’s womb even before a second of the future could be seen.’

She was shaken by surprise as to how I could say something like that. And yes, I have been feeling like so for the past few days. 

I haven’t been able to answer that myself, but again, the thing that happened today, more a sort of a blind ‘no’ could change my mood in seconds. I knew not. I was furious. I was angry. I started shouting like a mad woman but gladly inside myself.

I knew that there’s some negative energy splitting me apart. But, like a fission it happened only to fuse into a positive.

I can see the greens now. None with the black and only with the clear greens like all the dark clouds vanished.

Introspective analysis could drain me is something known to me but what kills the whole point is the manipulative disguise. 

It is really annoying when something or someone is trying to be what they aren’t. Because, I see no point in being something that you aren’t.

Acceptance is something that can be claimed, it is something which is inherent like a virtue when you be yourself and you got to earn it. 

Ending on a positive note. 

(07/07/2017-10/07/2017) Briefed mud of a to be forgotten thing. 


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