Bloggers. I need your help.

Hello fellow bloggers. I have been writing all inspirational posts until a few days ago someone knocked at my post and said, “Something doesn’t seem right.” That’s when I realised that I wasn’t all that inspiring anymore.

I am sorry about that. I really am sorry. I wanted to be someone who spreads positivity. But, today, I happen to be on my lowest. I have no idea why some things, those unnecessary ones can bother me this much.

However lucky you think someone is, the internal struggle one goes through is less known to the world and isn’t talked about. 

I’d be trying to attempt at being another such person who’d want the world to know that things don’t come easy. You have to strive for it each second and each breath that you take. There is no conscious recording of that but yes, nature knows it about you. 

Sometimes, it breaks me, it crushes me like glass made into powder but also gives me this enormous power to hit back to make peace with my higher self. 

I call it to be my higher self because I only get to explore that side of me when I am broken to a stage that’s beyond repair. And when things are beyond repair they meet their alternate existence. 

Today, I need your support and blessings, to help me come back, to my normal self, please share kind words through your blog posts and share links here. I would be more than glad to know that I have you all to get my blogging spirit back again. 

Anusha Sridharan


15 thoughts on “Bloggers. I need your help.

  1. Hello! Don’t stop working on being your higher-self, you matter. Always follow your heart. Your post has helped me today because I’ve been feeling similar. Don’t stop writing! Thank you for sharing. Nobody’s perfect. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey, be a optimist. You are a great photographer. And your post have a sense. So keep writing. Never forget this what you like. You are doing this for your self first. What positivity you saw out side you convey that to your words. I love your each and every post. Self-esteem is very important. Never get back your steps with the work you love to do.

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  3. I can understand losing faith and feeling that you aren’t making a difference. Please be assured that you are. If you’re feeling stressed, please don’t hesitate to step back for a bit. Everyone needs self care 😊

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  4. Don’t stop. Keep blogging. We all have bad days. I am new in the blogging world. I spend most of my time reading not writing and most of what I’m reading is so inspirational. You never know who your helping so keep going.

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