Blue sky tag award.

Hello there. I need to thank Soul Trance to have nominated me. I appreciate that you chose me as one of the ten.

So, here are my answers to the ten questions you had asked. 

Three facts about me:
 1.  I am thinkaholic. 
 2.  I am a writer. Ah. Still amateur. I understand.
 3. I was a social media addict. Now, in control. 

Where do I see myself in writing in next 5 years?
I’ll have two books published. That’s a dream. Let’s see how it works out for me. 

Five places where you want to go in future around the globe.
1.  Himalayas
2.  Nepal (Dhudh kaashi)
3. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Volcanoes)
4. Ayodhya
5. Sri Lanka

Choose one of them. a) tea or coffee
  – Most of the time coffee but then I love tea too. 

b) romantic or action movie.

– Wish could get best of both.

If you have got a magic stick what you gonna do with that?
– Teleport and travel with time.

Your favorite place to feel lost.(The place where you enjoy your own company.
– My dreams and the book I write in.

Why is it your favorite?
-For obivious reasons, I find peace there.

What quality you see in people before making friends?
-I simply see as to how honest people are to themselves first.

Your three favorite recepies.
-Ragi Manchurian
-Bread Achari
-Masala Parota

At least two qualities that you can predict about me after reading answers I gave above.
-I am writer, you know me by my blog.
-I am more into raw things and things as it is.

1. You need to thank the person who nominated you.
2. You need to answer the 10 questions asked you.
3. You need to nominate 10 bloggers for the Blue Sky tag with your set of 10 questions.

My questions for the nominees:

1. What would be your name if you kept a name for yourself?

2. Who is your best friend?

3. How will you distinguish need and want?

4. What does lust mean to you?

5. Which is better to watch: Sunrise or sunset?

6. If you received a card and flowers from a stranger, what would be your reaction?

7. Write a small 4 line story.

8. Do you think love marriages are better than arranged marriages?

9. Have you been in dilemma that you have never been able to come out from?

10. Who are you?

I am going to nominate more than 10. So, I’ll comment on their pages first. 


2 thoughts on “Blue sky tag award.

  1. Hey, thank you so much for replying to my post. You should notify me. Sorry I missed this post of yours. Btw you have written honest answers. And you are a kind of pure soul human. It’s what your answers reflect. And these photos are great. Again thank you for answering my questions. And Congratulations!!😊

    Liked by 1 person

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