Just right with the dews

Another best of why they aren’t on Instagram is that they aren’t edited. They are as raw as I have posted them. 

I am really happy that I started my day by clicking  these beauties. I was even mistaken to be a mad lady jumping into bushes for some unknown joy with a risk by being bitten that’d definitely consider me as a worthy prey. Ha ha. 

Well, all of these were worth those clicks.

And I clicked again during my walk time in the office campus and I must say I am lucky to get subjects to click everyday.

I love the perspective I have built over a period of time when it comes to taking pictures. Not many photographers appreciate me for I don’t follow rules or practices as such. I click them as I like it and it feels good only that way and I completely enjoy clicking.

Here’s one more on my way back home:

The photographer in me welcomes you to come join me in exploring the world in a little different way from as you see it. 

 💠 Cheers 💠


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