Break up to wake up

There is this brilliant ad of Snapdeal that I came across on TV few weeks ago and I felt it definitely needs an additional mention after I watched it yesterday. 

The ad begins with a handsome lad dressing up to his best and is asked by his friends, ‘What is all this? You just had your break-up!’

To which he replied, ‘Not break-up, wake-up!’

And with a swag he gets out of his room to begin a new journey which goes with the tagline, ‘Unbox Zindagi (Life)’.

TEDx videos always have beautiful messages to convey. Don’t they? Hearing the first hand experience from the people talking about how it has been for them, is quite instigating in adding value to the notions we have. 

I am a big fan of Dr. Shyam, ever since I had started following heartline on  Radio Indigo. It used to be a regular one hour show on Tuesdays. It had been a while I  heard Dr. Shyam and this talk by him light me up for two reasons, one is that I got to hear him again. (I love this voice.) Second being he talked about heartbreaks which is a serious problem in today’s world, very specific to the Millennial generation. 

Love and heartbreaks new in India | Dr. Shyam Bhat

We are probably the first generation who has started facing heartbreaks and Doc also confirms it to be true. Watching his video made me realise the medical condition one goes through while heartbreaks. The changes that happen in us during heartbreaks makes it a lot more difficult for us to maintain the calm and peace.

After the Snapdeal ad and this video, I just got a new twisted angle to how to define breakups, they are just nothing but the wake up calls that you get to way yourself out to the world that’s new for you to explore. 

Be it a new lesson that you got or the new person you have become into, it definitely brings in you the kind of impact that is so significant that has the power to change your entire life. Well, it’s on us on how to turn it into a positive note!




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