I found myself with them again

I was on my regular after lunch walk with my colleagues. It’s more of an everyday thing. Today happened to be slightly different. I started clicking again sincerely after a long time. After quitting instagram I wasn’t really posting any photos at all. Perhaps, it was another reason why I wasn’t clicking. I broke that inhibition today and I clicked as many pictures on my way. 

These pictures will let you of how I ate lunch with flowers, watched sky on glass screen, felt the leaves shining bright. 

No matter what angle live takes you to, always, remember to always stick to yourself, no matter what. 

Yesterday, a news broke to me, I was shocked, stunned, I wasn’t feeling anything about what would be the next best or worst thing happening. Everything was so back to back that I didn’t even have time to think or react or make a move.  

Now, I have realised that no matter how much I try to change something, it tends to happen the way it is intended to, destined to and we are no one to interfere in that process.

In a way, it feels great that everything that you do or are going to do are meant to be going well and best which will mostly be unknown to you.

Finding myself again was a bleak thing that came by surprise to me. The things happening lately are making me realise my self-worth. Today, I love myself more, I respect myself more. 

So will you, that day, when you have your calling, when you have tough choices to make, when you have only your own self to hear to you and all those times when you need to be your own hero because no one else is going to be that for you.



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