You’ll never hear from me again | Said who?

Not so long back, someone I knew very well and closely said, “You’ll never hear from me again.”

I wanted to hit back with, “Says who?”

Now, I know that it was a very serious statement that was made. I was the one who took it way too lightly because I thought there is no way people would decide to part ways like that. 

But, we did. Now, I know. For a reason that is no where close to any justification that would suffice. 

We all makes choices, considering what is to stay in our life and what is to not. Don’t bother about you being someone’s part of life. It doesn’t matter. You be part of your life and that’s all that matters. 

People might not like you the same way you’d like them. Come on, understand that they have their own priorities like you have. Unfortunately, they fail to realise that they are your priorities. But, that’s okay.

Let them go. They stayed for a while and for a reason. Once their job is done, they wouldn’t care to stay. Why would it even?

That’s a lesson for you to understand that “people come and go.”

I am no longer part of the plans which my friends make, don’t ask me why because I don’t know why. I have been doing my every bit to keep in touch. Well, I don’t think I am part of their life anymore and that’s completely fine. How much ever I’d try to deny that, I know that it hurts, but it’s okay, I need to be okay. I got no regrets. Nothing at all that bothers me.

You know what makes me happy after all this? There’s no one who will get affected by my absence. That means they aren’t dependent on me. It gives me this reassurance that I needn’t feel responsible for them as if they were all mine. They could take care of themselves and that’s amazing.

And let some people go if they want to. There’s no point to force them to stay. They could be never be yours that way. But, if you let them go by their own will, you are the hero of the caged bird story. If they ever considered you as a part of their life, they’re definitely going to come back. If they don’t, they were never meant to stay. There are meant to move on to make other lives better.

“You’ll never hear from me again.”

“Says who?”



And maybe, you’ll never hear the words that I would speak but you could always have the words I spoke and that’s all yours.


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