The mystery | Jam Room

There was a session I had to attend which was to help me ponder on “Who am I?”. 

I had no idea whatsoever that these beauties were to accompany me there. Well, they weren’t the part of my play that I thought they were.

Today was the first time when I had my hands on the guitar strings. Damn, trust me, that felt so good. The music it generated was the minute notes of bliss. I wanted to play it. Oh, I so wish I knew how to play it. 

I think I’ll download an app now which can simulate the guitar strings for me. 

I discovered my first time something after a while. I don’t really remember when was the last I did something for the first time. 

I believe music is a bit too underrated. It brings out so many colours to our monotonous and routine driven life and we fail to even acknowledge the impact that it has on us. 

Why do you think we are able to related to the lyrics so much. Is it because it conveys something which we would like to, to others? Or is it because it says something which we fail to understand why?

Our musical jam rooms inside our head should be something similar. Play your emotions as different instruments inside your head, like they were free to choose their own kind of music.

What do you think you’ll hear? Ever tried playing that music out? Have you felt that music inside you?

Think about it and play it around, you’ll have something fine to play.


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