Why do we feel nostalgic? 

Someone on Quora, asked me this question. 

“Why do we feel nostalgic? What can I do about it?”

I think that’s okay to be feel at times. That’s how your emotions are vented out.

Being vulnerable is when the problem arises. The control on emotions is good to have but to let it flow at times is also a good thing to do.

There’s is only way to get the total control of them is to be emotionless and stone hearted. To not feel anything. You don’t have to be sensitive to be caring. If anything means something to you, you tend to experience weak moments and those are okay.

The factor you need to be bothered about is how you deal with it. And that’s important. Whenever you feel weak, let it flow, give yourself the time of isolation, allow yourself to think through. Potting it up doesn’t help. They need a way out and it’s upto you on how creatively you do that.

The other day, I was getting back home and I saw these two kids, deep in some conversation. I couldn’t overhear them but I could see that they were into discussing something that meant a lot to them. Like a game that they lost or something which they owned. 

Well, I can’t just assume that. Let’s get to the nostalgia part. It is something that we have longed for to relive again.  That rememberance of good old days, that emotional connect from the past, that presence of goodness in the moments lived, all of them make us emotionally very weak or rather say let us stick to the sentimental bonding that we have towards them.

And dealing with nostalgia can be hard if the past was more beautiful than your present and also if you are least expectant of your future. The good part being, the memories are something that you can always treasure, they aren’t going anywhere. You could always revist them unless it brings you back something that’ll leave you more lost, captive and hurt. 


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