Straight outside the window in the dark

The thing about moon in the night is the dark having the white glow radiant through out. Even if the stars that were to be considered, they twinkle and walk their way through but the moon kind of stays. That’s something uncannily special about it for being the source of light in the nights.

About the moonlight, there’s so much to cover and no it isn’t about the marking it’s presence in the sky. It is about saying, “Don’t worry I am there!”

But, there’s just one day, “New moon day”, the sky feels empty in spite of all stars there being with it. As though, it has missed a part of it which reflects the reason if its being.

When you are lost, with no idea what’s going to happen next, remember the moon. Believe that it’s just a phase of “new moon”, you’ll be turning towards the “full moon” soon.

Stop worrying for the things you can’t help. You have tried your best and now keep calm for the moon to rise. 

Sit with the stars and talk, about the memories that you have always been with. 

Cheers. Hail. 


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