Walking back.

I was walking back. Walking back to the memory lanes that I just came out from.

I was talking to my friend this morning about how the changes have suddenly surged in and we are so clueless.

I then suddenly pondered on how a significant change in phase of life effects the other connected sources.

The realisation factor hit me just ahead of it. I understood that some bonds aren’t to be changed with time. They can’t be. They stay as it is. But, the only thing that is changed is the way it is seen. The value and worth still remains the same.

Sometimes, the things are right in front of you and still they’d seem lost. And there also are things which are far spots but we still do have an idea of what they are and how they are, which is why the notion of bonding still has a plan to serve.

Times walked together, spent together, felt together will always stay as a memory. Nothing ever in time can harm that. But, for the future memories to make, there’s always a heart that carries the reflection of togetherness and that’ll definitely bind us.



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