It’s been a week.

It’s been a week and I have been gone without a word. Apologies. 

But, I have had lot of changes that were happening to me. Emotionally. Mentally. Geographically. Almost every other possible ‘Ally’. 

The break didn’t seem to be any different. I didn’t even realise where the time I thought I saved went. Really. I have no clue and it was just gone. 

Well, yesterday, strangely, I met an interesting person who I shared the Uber ride with. He seemed pretty senior with good experience in IT. Those 30 minutes ride was enough to connect us on common interests like photography and writing.

I then realised that, not every bad day ends bad. Sometimes, it just appears to be so. 

I got to click few nice pictures on my street like I was supposed to. Believe or not, I see them everyday, I clicked them for a reason today. And I can’t really state why. 

It is just too amazing as to how the same thing you have been looking at since ages prompts you to perceive them in a different way. And life then becomes someone totally to live with. 

My love to daily bloggers,


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