Let’s talk about today

A day with friends is what I would ideally be calling it but it wasn’t it. It was just like meeting my family. 

I had been to a best friend’s (from Quora) place this afternoon for lunch. And that’s how my day started with a 1.6 hour long Uber ride. 

I reached her place at around 12:10pm. It was pleasant seeing her after hours and days of immovable virtual friendship. We were for real, the besties. I gave her the rose I had got for her.

“A rose for a rose.”🌹

She had invited her other friends too, who happened to mutual friends, who share a common hobby in writing, singing and connecting with people. 

Her uncle is a charismatic personality, Mr. Rajendra Bera, who is a aeronautical engineer with diverse experience in Quantum mechanics, Quantum chemistry and graph theory. He also had stated the projects he took up in biology despite not being very fond of it just to satisfy his curiosity.

Just after few minutes, we all were together. The virtual friends met each other and it felt great and super awesome. 

We and uncle were, the inseperables. We talked about Mandel’s biological experiments​ back in time and also about how it is of so much significance now. We also had him highlight on our thoughts and confusions​. It was great to have him mentoring us. 

We had little Mansi entertaining us with her liveliness and magic. She served us fries, chips and sweets which aunty had made for us. It was a food party too, we were spoilt for choice and we ended up eating everything on the plate.

We had a small singing session too, all of us sang including two elderly who are about their late 80s and still singing like born singers. 

We relieved the times of Mr. Rafi, Mr. Kumar Sanu and Mr. Kishore Kumar and also with a tinge of Bengali songs. 

My short stay there was excellent. I met interesting people, got amazing insights, was treated with best possible hospitality. What else could I ask for?

And there was little Mansi again with perfect finish, the desserts. It was delicious. 

It was then time for me to go as I had to be back home early. It was hard for me to leave, I wanted to stay for little longer. 

We missed another friend who was supposed to join us. He was busy with the match and that’s why couldn’t be with us today. 

I was then gone with a swoosh and of course only after taking a couple of pictures. If let free, we would have never stopped taking them. 

I took the cab at 4:05pm hoping to reach home on time because I wouldn’t want to annoy mom on a Sunday evening. 

I got down at an intermediate point because I had to buy groceries on my way back. It was both rainy and sunny. You could immediately expect what I have in mind. “where’s the rainbow?”

And here it is: 

It was gazinglicious to watch the sky decorated to its best. And that was a perfect evening. 


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about today

  1. Woah!!loved it like hell! Its so damn amazing! 💯💯💯😇Pls visit my blog too there are some motivations and things that our relatable to our lifes. But all over your blog is damnnnnnn!!!!!

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