Connects around

It was a great day at office yesterday. We had snippets of introduction in the form of game, skit, fashion show, showcase and lot of other things. 

I also had one of my colleagues leaving for higher studies, wish him a great future ahead. 

Taking a walk around my office campus I realised that there is so much beauty around that we often fail to appreciate it or even see it. And that’s because we are too involved in worrying about things that won’t happen or maybe you anticipate them happening.

I was talking to a very dear friend this morning. We always play along with the words, ‘Peace, shit and prosperity’. He conveyed so many emotions in just a line and it made me again so proud of him that he realises what life is and looking at myself who talks about life every now and then, is weak today. And he was there to console me. He made me feel okay again. It’s going to take an year and half for him to come back to India. I jokingly said, ‘I’ll be married by then’. To which he said, ‘I’ll come for your marriage! Sending you all the love from here.” 

That felt nice. 

Moving on to the connects around, I feel that one tries to only connect the dots which seem relevant. But why? Break-free and think beyond. Life is so much beautiful, just change the way you look at things.