Black and white things

We have started looking so much into colours that we are tending to forget the back basic where we started from, the black and white era. It is still classy and elegant. I wouldn’t deny that the colours are great but to notice, black and white once in a while is great. And just like we need to take off from the routines, we should capture black and white moments.

The shade of white and black itself has so much to teach us. Isn’t it? Just the combination of two can bring so much difference to the intensity and highlights to the picture. And it’s great! 💐

These are some random pictures that I took. I wasn’t even thinking when I clicked them. But each picture tells a story in itself. But are you really ready to look through the picture and read that story?

I am sure, there are many things that could come into your head now. But, what’s with black and white. Two extremes. Right?

To make a picture perfect, as in your life, there needs to be mix of both and that’s when it gets prettier!

Cheers. ☘


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