Exploring the city time. 

Today was all about fun and love. Team building prophecy I’d rather say. We all were cheerful throughout the ride. We had lots of fun.

It began with having a peaceful and pleasant lunch which comprised of all the varieties I’d naturally like to dive in. And me like a sincere food reviewer, took a tiny part of all and taste dishes as much as I could.

The ride, the travel time, gave me this amazing start to go happy clicking and in the end I couldn’t just be the battle of snaps. I gave in to my clicking urge and here you see, they are!

The most pricey and choice part, the bowling! It was the first time I tried and it felt great. I wasn’t great at it but there was one thing that made me happy. And that is I did something today for the first time. 🌷

Getting back home was succumbed successfully to traffic concussions. I had to race with presence of time. And I somehow made it the way intended.

Heading back home in a rush was a delight for these flowers deliciously ignited me from the inside.