Sanam Teri Kasam

I randomly stumbled upon this movie, ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’. I always wanted to watch it ever since I heard ‘Keech Meri Photo’.

There has always been this habit of me to stay inside the movie even after it’s over. After a long time, I cried for 15 minutes straight after watching a movie. And I need to grow up to a state where I accept the endings which aren’t really all that happy. Rather, let me just say, accept any ending for that matter, to be a happy one.

Inder and Saru. Two beautiful characters. I don’t know if such a story could happen in a real life, if anyone would consider you moving out of their life as curse or will find solace just by seeing your face. 

There is something about this movie that made me watch it thrice, back to back. I watched it for the first time last night and I watched it again twice, all over again. 

Saru, a beautiful woman, who is mocked as vibhuti aunty just because she isn’t modern as you want her to be? Damn. Why is everyone behind looks? It’s so deceptive. And I edit my pictures when even I myself can’t recognise that it’s me. Is that need to be accepted by the society so important? No, a hell no!

Thankfully, I edit only my photos, not myself. I could laugh myself totally out because I edit my photos in such a way that my face isn’t even clearly visible.

Many ask me as to why I do it. I simply say, “I like abstract.” The real reason being I want you to see beyond the photo. Don’t just see the prettiness, think deep inside the hidden strokes and understand that it is all about your perception.

In deathbed Saru upon asked by Inder as to why she didn’t ask about who he had killed before going to jail or why did he kill someone, she answered, “You must have done that only to save someone.” 

Aah. That’s an epic kind of trust one could have. 

There are many such sweet moments inside the movie where people can actually look being the way you look. I wish I found such folks more. 

Most touching part was when Saru read the messages by Inder which were kept inside the books he had issued from the library she was working in. She never noticed those chits before. If she had, maybe things would have been a little different in the way movie ended. 

I have been told my best friends to accept reality because it’s harsh and can’t be always happy. But, I am a kid who wants it always settled the right way. 

Okay, I get it, realities better be realistic. But, I want a fantasy I could live in, atleast in movies. Typical happy endings won’t catch attention they say. But we always leave the movie with a note, wouldn’t it have be happier if it was little tweaked?

Never mind. Some endings are hard to accept just as much as characters would have cried for the same. 

Sanam Teri Kasam, हम है तेरे लिए, हम धड़कते है तेरे लिए। फ़ूल बनके बरस जायेंगे जब तुम आओगी हमारे आँगन में।