My thoughts and perception on Spirituality

My thoughts hint all the same, “God is just one”.

That’s why I have Bible in my kindle, Qur’an on my desk, Gita on my shelf and I do visit Gurudwara, langar being some elixir I fancy of.

I trust Buddha more than anyone. And the era of our Swami Vivekananda and his Guru Ramakrishna are dogma to life. 

Greek philosophers are the ones I constantly look up to, to comprehend how with time the philosophers have come to progress towards a common spiritual domain. The only thing being we identify them differently or something that is very specific to us.

Soul is a very commonly used term and I suppose we mistake it to be something that’s easy to understand. Soul is an entity which is almost indefinable. The mere way of defining it itself would take ages to cover. 

Soul is the master and yet another​ disciple of another supreme master. I wouldn’t call soul to be a boss who is bossed by a super boss. No. That’s not how it works. 

It is dependent on what you make of your heart, mind and senses. Soul is supposedly only the traveller in this human journey. And experiences are just another co-passengers and intermediate stops. Final destination being realising that God is one and the ultimate.

I feel god in everyone. The problem being they don’t realise it themselves. God is always in you. God sees the world through your eyes. 

We say God doesn’t get affected​ by material things. It’s true. But God does affected by what we do as his creations. God’s motive is make us explore the world and realise him. He wants to know if or not we’ll understand that our soul belongs to him and he has just rented it to us to come see this world to go back to him with clear inferences that he is the godhead and the ultimate. He is destiny you need to reach no matter wherever we stroll.

I visit temple everyday. I get happy with the decorations made. I see people suffering, I have this urge to help. I see people reconciling with their families, I am cheerful. I see a kid laugh her heart out, I am blushing! Isn’t that we all do too? 

Don’t you see reflections of God here? He couldn’t be here himself. He made us to help each other, cheer for each other. But are we playing our part right?

And that’s for you to decide. 

There is no strict right or wrong. Our destinies are written by him. We are here to execute it. Material attachments are all illusionary and short lasting. 

Don’t get trapped. Fall out of it. Realise god and his purpose of creating us. ☺

This was a post made on a request of a dear from Quora. Will keep his name as anonymous on his insistence although I would have loved to have made his mention here. 



12 thoughts on “My thoughts and perception on Spirituality

  1. Not impressed. Dig deeper. The idols fool you with teachings that are unattainable. “God is one” is like saying life doesn’t matter because everybody will one day die. Doctrine is strong to infuse you with “calling” and “reason” yet give you little to no return in the long run. Devotion to all teachings is as good as devotion to all politicians, it scrambles attention because of indecisiveness, which in itself is a form of overwhelm.
    Would you say that these conclusions you say would still hold true if you would assume that no idol exists?


    • Firstly, I am not enforcing my thoughts of you and also, it is my personal feelings. You can choose you ignore it if you don’t like it. Presence of an idol maybe symbolically make you feel the god but is not that essential if you are able to inculcate the spirituality within and your search the divine in the inner self.


      • I appreciate that you write. And you’re right about you having your own mind. In no way do I want to stand against it. The only thing I want to do is to challenge it. The reason why I want to challenge your thoughts is that I’ve heard these claims of one-ness several times and they never truly feel complete. Your belief is yours only and I respect that, all I can say is to further questions those experiences and to dissect them for what they are and check if they still works without the idols and teachings attached.

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