Concept of handling.

I wasn’t really intending to make an immediate post. But, soon after I posted my whatsapp story that this is going to base of my next post, my first writer friend was curious to read it. 

I then told him, ‘I have just started writing and I might be able to post it only by the evening or tomorrow. Also because I just made a post on spirituality few hours ago.’

He meekly said, ‘Ok. Ok.’

And just after we were done with that conversation, I decided to write this as soon as possible. There were interruptions and the other things I got busy with. 

My family asking me, “Why are you with your phone always?”

And my to-do-list asking me, “When are you going complete me?”.

People read what I write. Some are impressed and the others ignore as if I am an alien or someone that shouldn’t have existed.

Okay. Coming to the point. Of those who have read what I read, understood what I write, totally adore me of whatever they know of ne through writing. They believe that I have solutions to every problem that comes my way or atleast know how to deal with when faces with. 

Amazing. Sounds great, right?

Now, that was about the idea of me. 

Moving on to the reality of me,

I have a 8 to 5 job on weekdays. I spend 4 hours of my day on travelling to office and getting back home.

I finish up the work assigned to me. Manage to write something that is if I can. Wind up with small chores at home and battling with the office fatigues, I still squeeze time to be on Quora. I counsel some who seek my help and those strangers who trust me with their life problems.

Weekends is when I feel like, ‘Let’s take some rest, this is afterall my day that needs to be devoted to relax!’

But, oh, no! 

I’d still have something I didn’t finish that’s long pending and I be blamed for not having set my priorities right.

Let me just brief it out, I am messed up most of the times. A friend leaves, my world cries a day in hell. A squirrel lying dead on a road, I feel dead inside the whole day. Someone close to me screams at me, I am functionally abnormal the time I am thinking about it. Do I seem like a person knowing answers to all the problems in the world!?


Gracefully, then you realise that I am not the person you think me to be, all of a sudden. And why is that? The person who advises doesn’t use those advises herself? Ah. You are totally wrong there. 

It is a slow progress I make there. Not everything works perfect, I try to fine tune as much, slowly, gradually!

That was a small example that I put of me. Now, think about people out there you have easily misunderstood or misjudged. 

The reading a post by Idealist on Facebook

This precisely explains what I am pointing at. 

You tend like the idea of things that fascinate you. You want to rush towards it without actually making up your mind to face all sides of it.

And why do you think when the first time superheroes realised that they had superpowers didn’t use it or rather wanted to give it up? Isn’t it because they thought it’ll difficult to handle all the responsibilities? Although, they made several sacrifices which is completely new area to debate on.

But the whole point is that you shouldn’t mistake something that you know to be exactly the reality in entirety. 

A candle, another example, it looks beautiful for the times you are having candlelight dinners with your beloved or the times when you have no other source of light. But, have your wondered what it feels like to be a candle? Burning constantly to be able to shed light?

Would anyone do that for you?

Even if they did, do you think you’ll realise it because they don’t speak of it?

I would love to quote many of my personal experiences to prove that I had the guts to accept people’s reality and they didn’t have it in them to understand that I had in me to accept them. They probably assumed me to be forming secretive judgements or they themselves were too skeptical about how would I react after knowing their dark side. They knew that they could trust me and I meant no harm. They still have hard time believing that how I could be so calm and composed after hearing all what they have said to me. And I be adamant in only seeing the bright side, will not accept something that doesn’t serve an acceptance criteria and that’s trust

Ask yourself of how much of the white and the dark that you can handle? Somethings are too good to believe and some are too bad to digest. Are you ready to play with the extremes?

Then, you my pal, will know the maturity to posses to understand the reality zoomed inside out. 


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