One month then became a forever

A month of absence will become a forever, neither of us knew. We thought it’ll be just for those 30 specific days and it would be over.

Ask me not of what were those thirty days were for, I can’t answer them because I know them not myself.

It was more like a pledge that was taken, to see the tolerance and validate the capacity of the effect caused by absence. 

Absence is merely not the opposite of presence, it is a new void that gets created showing that what once was present is now absent. 

A bliss it is, I must say. To tell you how, I’d say, ‘It’s just about realising the feeling of missing something or someone’. 

Two parallel roads met at the cross roads but they had to go on ahead and along. They sure did meet at the junction, a stop for some passengers. Some had made it their destination and the others had their journey to continue. 

Although the paths were the same, the destinations and the routes ahead were different. The wagon goes to different locations,  with time, they change too. 

About a month, just a thought could change too. Nothing is too short to take a decision and too long to stay strong with a choice.

And maybe some months could turn into a forever too. It could be something happy or a sorrowful remorse, a permanent applicability. 

And those times are just the junctions, you need to stop, let go of things and keep moving ahead. 


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