Things I thought I lost

Let me give you a very true example of what it feels​ like to lose something that’s very close to you. 

This morning, I was told by a co-blogger that my previously written post is broken. I went to check it. And yes, it was broken, there was only first few lines of the whole post. It was devastating. 

I felt all messed up and restless. I even decided to stop writing online anymore and going back to pen and paper seemed like the only good thing left to do. I know that was hasty but yes, that’s exactly how it makes you feel to lose something. You’d be ready to take extreme decisions and choices. 

The point is, we are effected that much. Why is that we panic first and then think?  I wasn’t even thinking sane. I wasn’t even considering the options of saving a copy of my posts somewhere else or mobile docs. 

The problem with me is that I edit directly on the wordpress editor

And guess what, when I came back from office, this 👼 angel, Vivek Rajaselvam, the co-blogger I mentioned earlier, mails me the post I thought I had lost. 

And here I am writing again about how I thought I lost my precious. 

I realised one thing from whole of this. If something is yours and meant to be yours, it will always be your side or bounce back to you even if taken away. 

Stay put and relax. Things will happen when it has to. And if something is yours, it’ll reach you when it is meant to. 


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