Thing about being judged

A lost friend asks me, “Why do think people are judged? Is it only because they are not ‘conventional‘?

I countered a same question on Quora as well. Someone else was wondering almost the same thing. And isn’t the rest of the world perplexed about it too?

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There is one thing all of us need to realize, “There is no one here, in this world, who is a perfect judge. Unless, you hear both the sides out, there is no way you stand a chance to judge someone or something.”

Well, life is a tough teacher. It makes you judge even before that. You would easily judge a teenager with iPhone, Moms addicted to Pinterest and Quora, IT professional wanting to pursue medicine, Engineers becoming writers. But, why?

Do you know their story? No one knows but them. We are no one to comment or ridicule any one for that matter. Things to you, the way you feel about them is going to be totally different from mine.

I can’t expect someone to appreciate what I do or even just accept what I do! I mean what should and why would I? The sole reason of why I do things is because I want to do it, with or without emotional barriers, constraints and situations.

Everything that you do, you do it with your consent. You do it and you are the one; things can’t happen on it’s own.

First and foremost thing, you do something because and you be accountable to yourself and not to the judgements that people pass without any reason!

For the way I am today, I still face criticism. I have been asked by some of my stupid friends (who don’t do reading) several times to stop writing because they are annoyed by the blog posts notifications​ they get because of the posts that I make. Is their justification even valid? They could have easily muted me or block me. Right? But why ask someone to stop writing? That’s downright ridiculous.

I also have been told by people, I don’t have a life! Why? Because I don’t roam around on weekends, party or even watch recent movies. But, what they don’t know is, I manage work, blogs, Quora, read books, watch TED talks, write  a summaries, answer queries and concerns of people reaching out to me remotely, review contents of kids who want to be writers someday, I make time​ for photography too. Ah, I am lucky there! I click good photos. And I do get super offended if you suggest otherwise. 

So, it isn’t about what you do and what people see, it is about what you feel about the things that you do. You need to be happy with what you do. Right?

You are the controller, you have a choice to do things in your life the way you want to. You are the major stakeholder there!

The question is about why people judge, ain’t it?

Wouldn’t you judge a old man with a walkman or a modern day man with a radio from ancient? Wouldn’t you judge an Indian with an accent or someone converting their religion?

Anything that seems odd to see or catches our attention, in a good way or a weird way, we tend to form opinions. It isn’t about following the convention or deviating from it. It is about forming an idea of what, how and why without knowing the entirety of something.

People will always say what they want to, irrespective of what you did or what you intended. It is simply draining to even give in to thoughts of what people think of us or what would they think if I did this. But, why care so much? It isn’t them who are living your life. It is you. And only you live it.

Stop carrying the burden of being judged. It isn’t doing you any good at all. Take the good part of people noticing you for what you do and move on. Only you know what’s best for you but always listen to all suggestions that come your way. In the end, do just what feels right.



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