Me and my elder bestie

I’d rather call him my best-tie. We are best of buds. Could I say that already? We have known each other from later March this year.

We both have always wondered​ if time had a role to play in how close we have grown. It is also surprising as to how we have built the trust we now have for each other. We hate to ponder over that because we don’t want time and age to judge us.

We have grown in different times and yet we resonate well. Looking back in time, of the conversations we have had, are more of the kids a decade ago.
Perhaps, if someone else talked to us, it would be hard for them to believe that we aren’t school/college friends. The bond that we share seems that old. It is new but definitely strong as old and gold. I’d compare it to be worth of platinum, but that would still seem less.

It is going to be advancement in time. We both do dread it. It is not because we are progressing, it is because nostalgia hits us hard. There is going to evolution in how time will change things for us, for days to come.

We both know it for the fact that no span of time and age will change the way we are with each other. We are that kind of kids. And, it is very a pleasing fact that only few true friends happen without a reason.