And then it was the END

The more closer to what I thought was happiness brought me closer to its end. I always thought giving myself a second chance was the right thing to do. And each time I kept giving myself a second chance as if the previous was the first. 

There are few things to learn the hard way. And some things you deliberately learn the hard way because you took chances way beyond your scope.

I understood value of chances when I realised that there are things I need to put an end to. Not because I couldn’t take it but because I had enough of it already. I don’t want it to be some unwanted pouring.

I repeatedly consoled myself on how I’d be missing out on opportunities if I showed reluctance to giving myself another chance. 

Now, after the things I have experienced so far, I am just fed up with lost hopes in this regard that I doubt if I’ll ever give myself another chance. 

Off late, I just realised that why my chances were failing. It was because my sorting mechanism was weak. I’d let any random thing enter to prove itself. I wasn’t sure of what exactly I was looking for and anything that caught my eye seemed worthy.

Life taught me that it doesn’t work that way. You’ll fail each time if you aren’t clear enough with your basic sorting and minimums. 

And I’ll put an END. And there’ll be a ‘The End.’


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