And then I was reading her story

I received the book yesterday which I had order few days ago. It was a book I wanted to explore for a long time for I saw something calling me towards the book. It was the quotes from the author that made me actually buy the book. And I am here talking about ‘Savi Sharma’. She’s a delight to read. 

With ‘This is not your story’ I learnt to recognise my inner voice to be more surreal than it ever was. The writer in me brings me to write all of me out. 

I need to thank Savi again for injecting the idea of following dreams all over again. She’s a beautiful writer. Definitely, she’s on her roadway to be a fine writer someday. 

The story between ‘Everyone has a story’ to ‘This is not your story’ is a lesson of self-recognition. The aim of it is to explore your true calling, to find yourself a story and to be one.

Lots of love to her. Keep writing. Spread the joy. ♥


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