Marry Me?

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Marry me? Would you? For I conveyed something from a book that just had the tailor made lines I would have anyways wanted to convey?

Oh, yea! 

More than the proposal, I like the idea of it. For a book lover like me, something like this would be more like a dreamy happiness which I wouldn’t know what to be made of.

 I don’t know what the recipe of love is, strange for people, different for the same people in different situations. Weird, isn’t it? 

Some say it is blind, unconditional, beautiful, best feeling, chemical reaction and what not. 

Marriages are made in heaven but soul mates happen with acceptance, is a wordplay. 

Some people come into your life, play a role and just go like they have no reason to stay any further. 

It reminds me of SRK in Kal Ho Naa Ho, where he plays the role of an angel, spreads love, falls in love himself and then finally departs as his life was reasoned enough for the purpose he had to fulfill. 

Why just him, I am also reminded of Phunsukh Wangdo aka Rancho (from the first half) of 3 idiots where his purpose was education, he didn’t bother about on whose name he earned a degree for and lived on to teach the value of true education.

Next time, if I hear ‘marry me?’,  I am going to check for several things, such as compatibility, respect, honesty, value, mutual interests, principles, virtues, personality conjunction, and lots more on the list. And I might seem to be kidding. No, I am not. 

Marriage is something that’s life long. You should be able to add value to it each day, each moment, each living breath. Don’t you think?

That’s a dedication we’d expect but are we giving the same? 

Like people say, ‘I am first married to my job’. ‘Office is my first wife’.  ‘Engineering is my love’. ‘Photography is my muse.’ ‘Literature is my seductress.’  

Marriage​ is a connect, call it cosmic (a dear friend once stated to me),  or heavens made decision, it is no duty or responsibility, it is something that’s of your own and you must do all what it takes to make it the best, like you are the guardian. 🎅


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