A note to take from those who leave.

A note to take from those who leave. It pains me everytime when someone I have known leaves. I don’t mean them departing from this world here. I mean those who choose to move out of your life. 

I agree, time changes, priority changes, and all the shit you try to convince yourself and the other person. Sorry, I don’t agree. 

It pricks me way too much when people choose to leave you like they have never known you. I hate the fact that, at exactly that time, we mean nothing to them. Again, in my head, there, I’ll be replaying those days when it used to be difficult for them to do a day without you. 

I have read a lot about how people find their friends over interfering and intervening. I have lost some of my friends because of that. I cared way too much that they found it suffocating. It came to a stage where I was asked to get lost. It pained me. It always does. 

It disappoints me more when people leave you for someone better or new. And that is what is called moving on, eh? 

And those who leave also say that, ‘you weren’t worthy enough to stay with!’ and how more blunt could that get. 

The whole reason why someone always sticks along is because they truly care for you not for you to treat them like a pest. Just because you have your trust issues, you’ll doubt everyone else around. And there’ll come a day, when there’s no one who’ll actually care for you and then don’t crib that no one really cared about you. 

Let this be a lesson coming your way, respect those who care for you. Also, beware of those who fake care, a caution. It’s just a double thorned coin. 



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